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Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin is co-author of the national bestseller Your Money or Your Life with the late Joe Dominguez. Called the prophet of “consumption downsizers” by the New York Times, Vicki has lectured worldwide and appeared in various print and broadcast media...

Customer Reviews for Your Money or Your Life-revised and updated

By brendan v
Date Added: Sunday 13 April 2014
A sound programme to empower yourself toward financial independence and determining your own unique plan to achieving 'enoughness'. A wonderful tool to also spark conversation between spouses and with children on the dreaded "M" word. Funny, personal and entertaining! Run...don't walk...to get your copy now!!!!
Date Added: Sunday 24 March 2013
A very inspiring and insightful audio book.
I liked how the advice was 'real' and presented in a way that was easy to listen to.
Highly recommend this to anyone!
By marlene jean
Date Added: Friday 1 June 2012
Excellent program. However this is not a typical " lets get out of debt" steps. It's deeper than that. Much deeper. The author brings you face to face to your financial dirty laundry. It's real transformation if put in practice.
By Susan Wheeler
Date Added: Tuesday 6 March 2012
This was an excellent overview. It really made me rethink how I think about my overall financial picture. The material was down to earth and digestible. I implemented a few simple (doable) structured processes that in one month allowed me to see a gainful result! This talk presents a real mindset shift about finances.
By Donna
Date Added: Wednesday 5 May 2010
I highly recommend this book to everyone! I can't think of a single person who would not benefit from it.

It's read by the author herself and her energy and passion for her subject really bring this book alive. It's so easy to listen to because of the life that Vicki Robin injects into it through her spoken words.

Although I was a like-minded individual before I started listening, this book has changed the way I think about money in such a useful and positive way. The 9 steps are brilliant!

I could go on and on about how great this book is, but I'll just sum it up by saying, this is the most valuable book I've ever read.
By kelly d
Date Added: Monday 8 April 2013
I enjoyed this CD in that it reinforced some of my beliefs about money and how it should be used. I would have liked it to provide more detail.
By silvia
Date Added: Sunday 6 March 2011
If you are a bignner on concepts like energy as your money then it is great otherwise you need a second or third level (or practice the concepts you already know)
By Mary G.
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
I'm a huge soundstrue fan, but this audiobook really missed the mark for me. In my opinion, each two hour-long sessions contains about 15 minutes of actual information. Maybe it's good if you want a ra ra, feel good style seminar? I expected more substance.

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