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Alex Theory

Alex Theory co-organized the 2007 World Sound Healing Conference and the September 2007 Global Om project. He draws upon his extensive training in psychology, shamanic practice, and music production to develop new modalities in music and sound therapy.

Customer Reviews for Air

By Myrian G
Date Added: Saturday 19 July 2014
It's very soothing and contemplative.
By Gregory P
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
I have found this music to be absolutely fascinating as compared to many other forms I have heard. I first listened to these pieces while I was quieting my mind and the result was a much deeper experience. It is very peaceful and very powerful in times of contemplation or when you just want to shut down everything and listen to beautiful sounds.
By Gregory Perna
Date Added: Sunday 17 March 2013
I find that Alex has captured a way to have music connect and transmit directly to the energetic/ cellular level of the body. You can actually feel the movement of tones as they pass through you and you can tell how energy levels effect you in different ways. I used this music during meditation and it had taken the meditation to a very different level, more focused, more peaceful and just very different, it is so nice to have this going on very low in the background. Truly great pure music! I just felt compelled today to write this as I was listening to it, the music really moves me in a very good way.
By Lorie Pearsall
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
LOVE IT! Great for meditation
By Ken Freeman
Date Added: Wednesday 23 March 2011
Soft,electronic, ethereal. Good meditation music
By Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review
Date Added: Tuesday 3 November 2009
Air is the purest form of life…

Air is the life force of all humans for it enables us to experience life each day. It silently surrounds us with each breath we take. In Alex Theory's hands air takes on a new shape and meaning. It is where a calm relaxing force can penetrate your body.

Ingeniously Alex Theory has taken the simplistic element of air and combined it with instruments tuned to frequencies based on the vibratory rate of the oxygen atom. The end result is a magnificent collection of eight tracks that sooth your soul.

There is a haunting undertone that allows you to become one with the music. With each track you feel your body becoming more relaxed. It is encouraged you slow your breathing pattern to match the soothing tones in order to gain the maximum results.

Air is a perfect example of the purest form of what nature has to offer. Through a brilliant composer such as Alex Theory inner peace can be achieved. Very highly recommended.
By Donna H
Date Added: Monday 1 April 2013
Beautiful, relaxing music, good for meditation, relaxation.
By Ann Jones
Date Added: Monday 30 May 2011
The music is nice. I loved that I could listen to it before purchasing it and that I could download it immediately. It doesn't quite hit the mark on what I was looking for, but it comes pretty darn close.
By Janine Samz
Date Added: Saturday 2 April 2011
Well, It was relaxing!

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