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Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915–1973)

For spiritual seekers of many generations, Alan Watts earned a reputation as one of the most accessible—and entertaining—interpreters of Eastern philosophy in the West. Beginning at age 16, when he wrote an...

Customer Reviews for You're It!

By Lucinda M
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January 2014
Alan is a great story teller. He can be quite serious then become very amusing. He was way ahead of his time, and the material is fresh & nothing of what he says is outdated.
By S C
Date Added: Monday 13 January 2014
Thank you! You always exceed my expectations (and so does Alan Watts). I wish I had him as one of my real-life teachers.
By Michael A
Date Added: Monday 13 January 2014
Mind bending philosophy! I highly recommend this program!
By Frances P
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
By Allison F
Date Added: Friday 21 December 2012
Amazing! Have loved Watts and his work for many, many years and this particular set of recordings is wonderful.
By Dorothea Lutz
Date Added: Monday 2 May 2011
Oh, well, I can never have enough Alan Watts CDs. I was delighted to find this, since I have bought all the ones you have offered previously. I listen to everything 4 or 5 times over the months/years. I do wish he was still around!
By Anahita
Date Added: Wednesday 1 September 2010
I love all of these recordings by Alan Watts. I especially love having them on long car rides and for times when I just need to hear some good advice--that seems hard to come by these days...

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