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Tara Brach has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading Buddhist meditation retreats at centers throughout North America. She is a clinical psychologist,...

Customer Reviews for Meditations for Emotional Healing

By Mary C
Date Added: Wednesday 17 September 2014
This program was awesome. It got to the center of some things that had been holding me back and made me question whether my old patterns and beliefs still apply today. Thank you!
By Ellie B
Date Added: Friday 29 August 2014
ALl Tara's work is impressive
By Prudence T
Date Added: Sunday 3 August 2014
I very much appreciate Tara Brach's teaching style, and this CD is packed with her sincere and profound examples of showing kindness to the parts of ourselves we would rather not acknowledge. Each segment includes a teaching along with illustrative current examples and relevant poems or quotes, followed by a meditation in which we can put this teaching immediately into practice.

I liked this CD so much, I began listening to a segment each morning prior to my regular meditation. This led me to purchase her CD Radical Self-Acceptance, as well, and now, rotating between the two of them, I feel well-nourished every day.
By Miriam W
Date Added: Tuesday 14 January 2014
A helpful and healing meditation. Her voice and thoughtful insights make life more serene..
By Gary R
Date Added: Tuesday 14 January 2014

Tara is simply awesome! She is kind and gentle. This is a great CD.
By Laurie S
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
This is the second cd I bought by Tara Brach and it is terrific. The other one I have is Radical Acceptance which is also great. She has a lovely voice and a way of talking that makes me feel she is right there, talking to me. I have listened to it several times and then pick out specific parts to re-listen to. I find listening is a totally different and, for me, much better way than reading this material.
By Susan G
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
This cd, Emotional Healing, by Tara Brach, is still one of my favorites. As a psychotherapist, I often recommend it to clients, friends and family. Simple exercises that are so helpful in shifting to more peaceful states of being.
By Peg S
Date Added: Wednesday 8 January 2014
Excellent program. Very practical, down to earth content that applies to everyone. The meditations provided were beneficial and appropriate to material covered. Thank you for the packaging - it was easy to use.
By Victoria W
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
Tara Brach is a true guru. She speaks such truth, I find this CD amazing.
By Victoria W
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
Tara Brach is a true guru. She speaks such truth, I find this CD amazing.
By Jamie R
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
Tara Brach's compassionate, soothing voice, combined with an practical approach to mindfulness and compassion practices is a winner.

Unfortunately, my disc was delivered with scratches. I am not including that in the rating, however, since it was probably a fluke.
By Hui Shi
Date Added: Wednesday 1 January 2014
Besides her soft calming voice, I found this recording to be very helpful to me through the time of self-doubt and self-rejection. Tara illustrated the teachings through parables and stories. I learned that as long as I am caught in this self-made prison of unworthiness and not measuring up, I would be fighting inner wars constantly and would let life go by without fully engaging the life that is here. In this recording, she offered a few guided meditations along with techniques - : RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Natural presence). I felt better about myself when I understand that I can free myself from the trance if I remember to pause and say "yes" to life. Although I have not arrived at a place where I can see the sacred SELF in me with the meditation practices, I realize that I become more open and accepting of myself as well as others. That is a good start. This recording is highly recommended for someone who battles inner turmoil.
By Amanda
Date Added: Wednesday 18 September 2013
I purchased this mp3 as I am processing some difficult early fear and I felt that this particular mp3 would be best. I just wanted to say that I love this one!!! I could feel all her words holding me in a safe blanket of compassion supporting and grounding me in my early terror. Just what I needed thank you again. Tara I love your work!
By K. Jolene R
Date Added: Wednesday 22 May 2013
So helpful in my ongoing struggle for self-acceptance.
By Pat M
Date Added: Tuesday 2 April 2013
This is one of my all time favorite CDs from Sounds True. The depth of Tara's compassion is so great, anyone can heal with her wise guidance.
By Anthony W
Date Added: Sunday 7 October 2012
Great stuff would recommend to anybody ...love this site...cheers,
Anthony .
By Jenny Shier
Date Added: Monday 9 July 2012
Very good meditations. I am enjoying the CD's - very sound both psychologically and spiritually - and will be recommending them to my clients.
By David O'Brien
Date Added: Friday 9 September 2011
Good, especially liked the perspective on identifying inner sources of safety and sanctuary to anchor healing work
By sandy roff
Date Added: Wednesday 20 April 2011
I have listened to several of Tara Brach's talks and guided meditations, and learn from every one of them....
For me, at this time in my journey, I really felt like i needed specific help with some serious emotional healing. This cd set is exactly what i had hoped it would be. There is no audience, it is just Tara speaking to me... that is how it feels , and i know just which parts of the cd to return to depending on how i'm dealing with each day...
A wonderfully helpful tool on my spiritual path...and all that entails...
thank you!
By christina Grant
Date Added: Sunday 27 February 2011
Great programme, Tara has a way of explaining things that just stops me in my tracks.....
By Tony Billings
Date Added: Sunday 19 December 2010
I could never thank Tara Brach enough for this work. Somehow, she has the ability to wake up the deepest layers of our being, both the suffering and the possibility of healing. You can listen to it every day and always find new insights. Both her works and voice are incomparable.
By Mallory C
Date Added: Friday 8 February 2013
By Cheryl Baldonado
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April 2012
very good thanks
By Annie Whitlocke
Date Added: Sunday 8 May 2011
Tara has a knack for saying more with less. I like that. I enjoy how she uses personal examples to bring it home. So far I have all her teachings on CDs and while it may seem obvious it stays with me a long afterwards.
By Rita Hart
Date Added: Saturday 2 April 2011
Interesting, insightful and helpful. Tara Brach has a calming voice, and expresses herself well.
By 100thMonkey
Date Added: Thursday 16 May 2013
Happy to always hear a new voice in my cache of meditation audio. I enjoyed it, but not as much for a meditation. Found it a little too "guided."

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