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Kim Eng

Kim Eng is a counselor and spiritual teacher whose “Presence Through Movement” workshops focus on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. As Eckhart Tolle’s teaching partner, she has helped translate his ideas into a structured practice.

Customer Reviews for Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga

By zoe n
Date Added: Friday 11 July 2014
easy to follow instructions.
nice way to start the day.
many thanks to kim eng
By Linda V
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
Loved it - so different and really relaxing
By Linda V
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
Loved it - so different and really relaxing
By kathrin k
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January 2014
I find this practice very helpful. No matter how aggravated I am these beautiful sincere movements with clear instructions of Kim always succeed to quiet my mind and replenish. The background music is beautiful.
A meditation in movement I would recommend.
By pamela a
Date Added: Friday 26 October 2012
Received quickly. Beginning to use video...am new to yoga, so taking it slow. Enjoying video.
By gerard casserly
Date Added: Friday 17 February 2012
I'm still exploring this-there's a lot of material. It's very well done, clear, generous and helpful
By Linda Evers
Date Added: Saturday 21 January 2012
Absolutely love the program and noticed a difference after the first session. Highly Recommend!
By Jeanne Segar
Date Added: Wednesday 17 August 2011
Love it!
By Deborah Growns
Date Added: Monday 25 April 2011
I love Kim Engs DVDs and I also have Yin yoga which is great . My only complaint is that the DVDs are not available in a format that can be played in Australia. I have had to download the file but this can't be burned to a DVD so I can only watch it on my computer which is a pain. The rating for the content is 5 star but the convenience factor is 1 star.
By Timothy C Nunan
Date Added: Friday 22 April 2011
By Linda Boulter
Date Added: Monday 14 March 2011
Kim's Qi Flow offers playfulness through presence. After practice, the body felt vibrant and the mind spacious. This is a lovely offering to move Qi and bring consciousness to the body-temple.
By Gilles Gervais
Date Added: Saturday 26 February 2011
I stopped reading and started doing with this video.
By Gill L
Date Added: Friday 11 October 2013
well choreographed for beginners
By Jennifer Steward
Date Added: Monday 26 March 2012
Very interesting yoga. More on the meditative side. Helpful in balancing my chi.
By Donald Fong
Date Added: Monday 31 October 2011
Easy to follow, as the instructions were clear and her voice pleasant.
The shaking exercise was too long, imo, as it wore me out; I'm out of shape. I regard that as the cardio part of the qi flow yoga "repertoire." The qi flow is very meditative, much more so than in most other yoga dvd's I've seen. The exercises are quite calming. I'd like to think they help to bring down my bp a bit.
By Betty Franks
Date Added: Saturday 26 March 2011
The DVD started out very tranquil and easy to do. However the postures got impossible for me to do. This is great for a young agaile person. I am a senior and need easy gentle stretches.
I did enjoy Eckert's talk in the beginning and will listen to that often.
By Hildburg
Date Added: Thursday 23 January 2014
I felt confused by the message at the start of the video which reads: ... Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain...is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars. I understand that you would like copyright to be respected. However, this message sounds for me to be based on fear and desire and thus contradicts the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng. Your wish to protect copyright could certainly be expressed in a more conscious/compassionate/kind language. I live in Europe and I have never seen anything alike at the start of DVDs or movies so far. Truth sounds very different to me... With Love and Light Hildburg
By Sabina Alkire
Date Added: Saturday 21 May 2011
Good but impossible hard to use as if you want to jump to the flow practice you cannot, nor fast forward. I would use it but do not want the first hour. only buy it if you want the first exercises.
By Timothy C Nunan
Date Added: Friday 22 April 2011
I bourght the downloadable version and is is no good - I cannot acces a menu and the iphone version starts from the beginning each time! Do not recomend this - I have had to buy the DVD instead - so save the money and only buy the dvd version which works - nice video bad service- sorry - no stars

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