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Lynne Finney

Lynne Finney is a psychotherapist specializing in childhood trauma. In her early forties, Finney learned how to retrieve and heal her own experiences of sexual abuse, and has since devoted her life to educating therapists, lawyers, judges, and the general public in this field....

Customer Reviews for Clearing Your Past

By Rosa V
Date Added: Monday 8 September 2014
Although I don't share the author's same life experiences this is powerful information nonetheless. Especially recommend this for professionals working in the field of childhood trauma.
By Paul, Silicon Valley, CA
Date Added: Friday 14 May 2010
This is definitely worth a listen. This tape describes a process of inner work that I think has great potential...This is something you can do by yourself at home, easily. She describes a 'meditative' process which is the core of the tape, but she includes a LOT of other techniques, processes, strategies, viewpoints, visualizations, etc. She does not shy away from the spiritual domain, fortunately. I have just added this to my regular meditation time, and so far think it has great value...Anyone wanting to develop (or add to) a regular practice of self-healing or spiritual 'work' should buy this tape
By BC in Ohio
Date Added: Friday 14 May 2010
I just finished listening to your tapes, Clearing Your Past. I must tell you they are absolutely awesome. I've read a lot of self-help books & listened to a number of tapes to improve my life, but your tapes put everything together and make total sense. Your methods are helping me already....I am going to let everyone I know who is ready to receive help to listen to your tapes. Actually the entire world should. I thank God your tapes flew into my life.

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