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Mark Epstein

Mark Epstein is a psychiatrist in private practice. He is a contributing editor to Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and has been a student of Buddhist meditation for the past 25 years. Mark Epstein is the author of Thoughts Without a Thinker, Going to Pieces...

Customer Reviews for What the Buddha Felt

By Harry P
Date Added: Tuesday 7 October 2014
Wonderful perspective on Buddhism and Psychiatry
with comments about interaction with Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein. A lot of wisdom on how everything interacts
By Lucas S
Date Added: Sunday 21 September 2014
Really great, surprising.

I didn't go into this short program expecting anything too earth shattering, having formally studied Buddhism and psychology somewhat.

Mark's talk reminded me of many things I'd forgotten about, and brought new light to things I thought I'd understood.

In the days since listening, I have been enjoying enduring "Bare Attention" for most of the time.

Previously I experienced this as something that is fickle and transient, disappearing as soon as I go about daily activities. But actually it's pretty simple to maintain if you have the courage and honesty to really look at what's going on at the moment (warts and all).
By JenR
Date Added: Sunday 1 December 2013
If you're interested in Buddhism and in psychoanalytic ideas, this is for you! As a long-time fan of Epstein's "Thoughts without a Thinker", this series of talks was fascinating and thought-provoking, inviting deep reflection. Each of the four talks takes the listener to new places in the synthesis of ideas from two great traditions. I've listened to it repeatedly and each time found something new.
By Nicole Urdang
Date Added: Friday 27 April 2012
Excellent in every way.
Enjoyable, enlightening, and engaging.
Mark Epstein peppers his talk with personal experiences, which adds a dimension of humanity not always found in teachings of this depth.

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