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Colin Tipping was born in England and taught at London University before immigrating to the United States in 1984. With his wife JoAnn, he co founded the Georgia Cancer Help Program and Together-We-Heal, Inc., and founded The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and...

Customer Reviews for Radical Forgiveness

By Carol
Date Added: Friday 11 October 2013
Radical Forgiveness has transformed my life in many ways and truly put the keys my hands. Doing the worksheets gave me back my power. The work is amazing and extremely profound I have addressed many issues successfully, as I completed each worksheet I got a response from the person in question.
By Danny F
Date Added: Wednesday 2 October 2013
Wonderful product. Life changing!
By Tara Lila R
Date Added: Friday 31 May 2013
I know deep in my heart and soul that this book and the work that Colin and all his coaches are doing is transformational, incredibly healing and empowering. I love his humble, down-to earth style and the clear concise way that he guides you on a journey into the land of freedom by showing you a way to change your perception and thereby create a new personal reality, which when enough people implement in their lives will create a huge shift in our mass consciousness and change life as we know it and bring us closer to heaven than ever before.
By Carol Kirby
Date Added: Tuesday 1 May 2012
I found the series of cd's to be very interesting and usable. Have not had time yet to investigate the worksheet on radicalforgiveness.com which seems to be the crux of the program.
By Shirley Sorensen
Date Added: Sunday 29 April 2012
Incredible! Thank you! What a difference this has made in a 30 year relationship quite stuck in a rut.

Also, I am still waiting for the back order of Pema Chodrin's tapes which were to address getting unstuck, also.

Please let me know when they will be sent.
Thank you, Shirley
By Don Ely
Date Added: Wednesday 29 February 2012
Colin is very understanding of the power of forgiveness... An excellant program! There is nothing to forgive, everything is in divine order!
By Marcella Paulson
Date Added: Wednesday 18 January 2012
This has rocked my world! Thank you!
By Helene Chenard
Date Added: Thursday 29 December 2011
We all need to hear this message. The quality of the CD itself is very good, good sound.
By Laura S
Date Added: Tuesday 6 May 2014
This material is deceptively deep and very helpful for working with the hardest parts of relationship. The audio works through how to go through each step on the downloadable worksheet that is the cornerstone of the Radical Forgiveness method.
By Tim P
Date Added: Thursday 5 September 2013
Tipping's philosophy aligns well with my own and has been helpful.
By Mary M
Date Added: Thursday 11 July 2013
The logical conclusion of all the concepts presented here must be that Spirit is REALLY NEUROTIC. Some of what is presented here I find valid but there's a lot of danger...for example, Elizabeth Edward's transmission of her mother's pain and her own pain caused her breast cancer. Stuff like that...oy. Good for opening your mind....bad for the bullshit conclusions of why bad things happen to good people. Why is the new age so uncomfortable with events being unexplainable? Sorry I bought it.

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