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Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is an internationally acclaimed master teacher in sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. His books and recordings include Healing Sounds and the award-winning Chakra Chants. He is director of the Sound Healers Association, a non-profit...

Customer Reviews for Vocal Toning the Chakras

By Dr. Patryce S
Date Added: Tuesday 14 January 2014
I found these cds to be very informative on the use of sound for healing and the opportunity Goldman provides through the use of his chanting to relax the power wheels, chakras.
By Jim K
Date Added: Tuesday 9 July 2013
Exactly what I was looking for and I enjoy it.
By Pauline L
Date Added: Sunday 31 March 2013
I really enjoy it! Jonathan has a wonderful voice, speaking and singing. I found it very interesting. Thank you
By Don Ely
Date Added: Wednesday 29 February 2012
Outstanding, Jonathon is so kind & knowledgable... Evenly paced and easy to follow along... om!
By julie clark
Date Added: Monday 19 December 2011
Brilliant! Thank you! Massive Love to you all from Brighton UK
By Bobbie Jean Hazelton
Date Added: Saturday 26 November 2011
The Vocal Toning is amazing. After only a short while, it is beginning to make a difference.
By Neil Maguire
Date Added: Thursday 14 April 2011
The exersices produce a deeper sense of awareness and the alpha music at the end of exersices seems to alter your state of consciousness...I also really liked the very short, you-ca-do-it-anywhere chakra tune up.
Date Added: Thursday 3 March 2011
very well thought out . I enjoyed listening to it and my students who attend my workshop loved it. thankyou Jonathan for your inspiration is truly blessed. Doreen from Sacred Space Holistic Workshop
By mary-jane
Date Added: Friday 26 February 2010
after just once at home and in the car sounding jonathans chakras
scale/i became aware that i felt much happier,my negative thinking or fear based thoughts were less/after which i put a dolphin sounds cd on while i was driving the car. suddenly i started seeing holograms of images of beautiful super real tropical islands as if i was actually seeing what the dolphins were seeing and then relaying to me with there sounds /as i have seen holograms before i realised it was the lack or less of fear, that allowed more love to flow so i could see what the dolphins were sending/ so thanks.! now continual sounding prepares my body for singing and helps speed up other healing modalities / eft, tat, to work better and cleared the way for me to be able to raise my level of enlightenment to find even faster and more effective ways to create a peaceful life without the ego controling my thinking. so this has been an amazing journey eventhough i am a good singer it was this sounding healing that got me to start singing and composing and healing again.thankyou
By Irina Kadukova
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
Loved this program! It was my gateway to chakra chanting and other educational programs. The only shortcoming in my opinion is that there is no practice session. I think that would be useful. Once you learn about toning, you don’t need to listen to all the explanations, you just want to do the toning, the explanations get in the way. If there was a session added at the end with toning accompanied by some background music, that would be great!
By Katherine Ruggiero
Date Added: Saturday 5 March 2011
I haven't fully listened to this yet but what I have listened to, I enjoyed and look forward to listening more. Thank you.
By Theda Parks
Date Added: Monday 27 February 2012
The material itself was okay, but the case was broken when it arrived, and some of the names on the CD looked like they were rubbed off. A little disappointing for something that was to be a gift. It was too late to return it.
By Marci Mandel
Date Added: Saturday 31 March 2012
Sounds like he's talking to six year-olds.
By Lyndal Gallaway
Date Added: Saturday 31 March 2012
Was a little disappointed ...expected individual chants, and discovered it wasn't

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