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Kimba Arem is an international recording artist whose eight CDs include Peace Journey and Creation's Overtone. Classically trained in piano and flute, she holds a BS in molecular and cellular biology, and has developed a unique form of sound therapy that...

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Andrew Weil, MD, is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing-oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. He is founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM)...

Customer Reviews for Vibrational Sound Healing

By marie c
Date Added: Friday 8 August 2014
Beautiful calming music. I would recommend it to anyone who loves peace and tranquility. I am really enjoying this tape.
By Dr. Patryce S
Date Added: Tuesday 14 January 2014
As always Dr. Weil bring home the knowledge and soothing for the chakras. Kimba Arem adds excellence to the cd and the healing vibrational music.
By Elizabeth L
Date Added: Tuesday 14 January 2014
Lay back and enjoy. I even listen to it while I read before napping and continue to let it play while I nap. It does the mind and body good!
By Marianne R
Date Added: Tuesday 17 September 2013
Lovely and soothing.....I often play it when doing household chores, as well as when meditating. It has also definitely helped me prior to falling asleep.
By Kathy P
Date Added: Monday 2 September 2013
I've owned this CD for years and it is still at the top of my playlist. My massage clients love it, and when I need to seriously decompress I go right to this. Thanks to Kimba Arem!
By Kelley H
Date Added: Friday 8 March 2013
listening to this while at work really helps to alleviate the typical day to day stress.

this is also great (and theraputic) meditation music
By robert t
Date Added: Monday 18 February 2013
By Marsha M
Date Added: Wednesday 24 October 2012
I keep this very recording always close, easy to find. Like you, I have an ever expanding choice of music for all purposes. Meditation, Healing, many purposes, specific or not. Often as not I turn to this beautiful melodic guitar. It soothing. maybe because it is NOT EXOTIC, IT IS HOME TO ME. I love it from the first strum on the guitar strings, and the nature sounds hidden, almost inaudible. Soothing, is one of the best words I would include in my review. I hope you give it some sound time.
By Victoria J
Date Added: Thursday 16 August 2012
very good I have several cd's by Dr Weil and I enjoy all of them
By Donna Adler
Date Added: Tuesday 8 May 2012
The sounds are wonderful, I felt that these sounds were the basic sounds of the universe. Thank you, I enjoy this with meditation almost daily.
By Jennifer Steward
Date Added: Monday 26 March 2012
Beautiful music with a beautiful soul. So peaceful and healing.
By sabine ebert-forbes
Date Added: Wednesday 22 February 2012
extremely good, inspirational, simply a must have
By Charlyne Demoucelle
Date Added: Wednesday 22 February 2012
this is the most amazing music! Every track. Expanded states of consiousness and deep soothing and calming emotions. I can't stop listening to it. I use the track Awakening as my meditation music daily now.
By mary natschke
Date Added: Tuesday 7 February 2012
Beautiful music - my husband now listens to it nightly as we have dinner and enjoy our evening together!
By Phyllis Versage
Date Added: Monday 28 November 2011
This one is another great job well done for Dr Weil. Love listening
To this one over and over. Also gave one out as a gift too. They love it too.
Great relaxation and calm reaction. Great listening music.
Thumbs Up with this one.
By Loretta Layne
Date Added: Friday 19 August 2011
Love it! I've listened to it every night at bedtime & I fall asleep before it ends, which usually never happens. The first song I repeat at least twice because its so beautiful.
By Joyce Simmons
Date Added: Thursday 18 August 2011
This is a wonderful piece of work!
By Shirley Gourgaud
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
I have other sets of chants and similar music but with these I find that something in my inner being needs to hear them at least daily. At times, I can feel the 'vibrations' filling every cell of my body. Not being musical, I did not expect to react this way to sound energy. The melody with the didgerido moves me the most. As an Australian, I felt that I was connected not just to the earth but to the wisdom of the indigenous elders of this land.
By Jan Soloy
Date Added: Sunday 27 March 2011
I use this CD every day in my clinic as back ground music while I see patients. I find the subtle rhythms and sounds calming, and I am certain they add to the healing quality of the environment in which I see patients.
By Frederic Michaud
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
Highly recommend this CD for meditation, I listened to it over and over!!:)
By Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review
Date Added: Friday 2 April 2010
Nourishment for the soul can be found in Dr. Andrew Weil's Vibrational Sound Healing audio. Within minutes of pushing the play button, you will be able to feel and immediate releases of tension start to leave your body. It is as though each tone has their own unique purpose that is focused on diving deep into your subconscious mind.

Vibrational Sound Healing is a wonderful way to end a stressful day. It has the ability to upright any imbalances that the world has placed on your shoulders. A total of nine tracks make up Vibrational Sound Healing. Each one provides their own special blend of peace and tranquility.

Though the talented hands of Kimba Aren and the wisdom of Dr. Andrew Weil, Vibrational Sound Healing provides a healing method to relieve stress. I highly recommend this audio to anyone who is looking to find a relaxing means to end their day.

This is the type of audio that everyone can benefit from. As the relaxing music fills your ears your deepest troubles seem to melt away. To gain the maximum effects this audio offer I would recommend that you dim the lights, put on your headphones, and close your eyes. Allow your breath to be in tune to the mesmerizing sounds that begin to penetrate your body.
By Priyanka s
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
Vibrational Sound Healing is undoubtedly an effective product. Sound therapy is popularizing these days because it is a very efficient and 100% natural therapy which has no side effects. Sound therapy can not only be used in such cases but can heal lung diseases, cancer, ADD ADHD, heart troubles etc. http://healtone.com/
Sound Therapy uses sounds of different sound emitting instruments to calm your nerves and maintain the health and harmony of the body. Healing sounds cures the diseases as well as increases the rate of healing of the patients already taking conventional medical treatment. Healing sounds can also be heard while doing any routine task like driving, during cooking, relaxing or working in your workplace. It takes merely few minutes of your time to heal you with ease.
By Rhonda Greenaway
Date Added: Friday 29 June 2012
Beautiful soothing music for meditation or quiet times.
By Maria Bravo-King
Date Added: Monday 12 March 2012
I gave it to my mom and she is enjoying it
By antonio
Date Added: Saturday 23 April 2011
feels like my sexys 20's
By lisette
Date Added: Friday 25 February 2011
love it especialy #9
feels just right.
By shirley b
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
the healing bowls on the front of the jacket were misleading. thought the music was going to be healing bowl sounds not melodies. there was a skip in the 6th track. i gave it to a friend rather than return it.
By Joe B
Date Added: Friday 18 January 2013
I have really enjoyed the MP3 of this cd. It was more cumbersome than using Amazon's Cloud. It took several attempts.
By Stephen I
Date Added: Tuesday 31 December 2013
Still working on them.
By Bonnie Maris
Date Added: Sunday 31 July 2011
Have found this music annoying, not at all restful nor healing.

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