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Customer Reviews for Shamanic Meditations

By Donna P
Date Added: Monday 2 June 2014
Sandra is a a life long teacher of shamanic work. She is so genuine, knowledgeable and her teaching is very practical. One cannot learn Shamanism by reading, one must also practice. Sandra takes us to the practice. Also, I like that she is without ego when she works. She seems very genuine and I very much appreciate this.
By Connie
Date Added: Friday 12 July 2013
Clear instruction verbally as she takes you to the upper, middle and lower realms in three separate 20- 30 minute sections. This cd is good for a beginning journeyer. She makes it accessible and doable for a newbie in this realm. I use this when I feel like I need more guidance. I use her other cd Soul Journeys when I just want the drumming with minimal instruction but she still separates out the upper and lower dimensions which I like.
By kandee peckham
Date Added: Saturday 2 June 2012
A wonderful further introduction is shamanism.
I have used these many times since receiving it!
By Roger Pearson
Date Added: Friday 10 February 2012
I found these CD's to be very educational, clear and easy to understand and to use. Sandra is an excellent guide as she reveals to you the paths to and through the Shamanic realms. I have enjoyed these journeys immensely and have felt very safe, thanks to her grounded, no nonsense presentations.
By Carole Leslie
Date Added: Monday 25 July 2011
Great guided meditations and explanations. Sandra is a warm and wise guide who inspires confidence. I recommend this to anyone interested in exploring Shamanic work.
Date Added: Saturday 19 March 2011
Sandra's CDs have done me a lot of good already. I have only just started using them on a regular basis. Thanks Sandra!
By mary kanda
Date Added: Thursday 11 November 2010
I am a spoken word addict. I've listened to and admired the amazing quality and professionalism that has been coming to the audial world, when I listen to novels read by film stars.

However, I'm critical of too much professionalism, particularly in music, where I have a real hunger for simple melodies on simple instruments.

I've been so deeply engaged with Sandra Ingerman's message that I've never thought about her voice.

I like her voice. It is clear, direct and specific. It has a nice neutrality and I think that is a big plus when hearing information that can be emotionally charged.
By Laurence J
Date Added: Tuesday 29 January 2013
I enjoy this CD greatly, very easy to grasp and easy to retain.
By Victoria J
Date Added: Thursday 16 August 2012
enjoyed very much
By Marvin Hanks
Date Added: Sunday 18 September 2011
I'm 68 and have found so much support for well-being,
thank you
By Donna Brown
Date Added: Thursday 1 September 2011
Right now I think I am too new to these concepts to give an intelligent rating.
By David Sykes
Date Added: Saturday 9 April 2011
We have had much experience with trance states, so for us, there was too much talking and not enough drumming. Good introduction CD.
Date Added: Tuesday 18 January 2011
I can't say I found these guided meditations particularly did anything for me and the information on shamanism was very basic. Sadly, Sandra Ingerman's voice kind of grates and another voice should been used. I am sure there were good intentions, but there are better guided meditations out there.
By sondra v
Date Added: Tuesday 24 September 2013
Worst meditation I ever bought.... as a matter of fact her voice and the whole album was annoying.. rating was actually less than 1 star
By Jennifer Houghton
Date Added: Monday 8 November 2010
Beware of Sandra's voice. Many months ago I listened to the free sample of Sandra's Journey to the Underworld meditation. We were given written directions to follow then a recording of drumming sounds. It was great! Unfortunately, in this audio program Sandra speaks through the entire meditation. Her voice is harsh, almost robotic, and lacking in warmth and softness. Listening to her voice makes me feel tense. She would do well to work with a voice coach to improve her vocal quality and breathing before recording anymore. From now on, anything I buy from Sandra Ingerman will be written word - no more voice recordings!

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