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Empath Karla McLaren is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and pioneering educator whose empathic approach to emotions has taken her through the healing of her own childhood trauma, into a healing career, and now into the study of sociology, anthropology,...

Customer Reviews for The Language of Emotions

By Jolanka M
Date Added: Sunday 23 March 2014
Empath Karla MCLaren has given hope to all of us who need to overcome traumas and understand ourselves better. Well done,thank you!
By Catherine B
Date Added: Saturday 8 March 2014
Excellent material. Highly recommended especially for healing trauma. I prefer the book, which I also have, because the audio version is spoken rather quickly. I have found I need more time to fully absorb and process the information which is quite unique and a wholly new way to understand emotions.
By Pueo
Date Added: Thursday 27 February 2014
I absolutely LOVE Karla McLaren's Language of Emotions and listen to it again and again - it is so rich.
Because I didn't know how to listen to or use my emotions, they took me for a ride on the low road of suffering. Karla's teaching was the key that unlocked a treasure chest of knowledge and tools that empowered me to use my emotions as guidance and protection in my life. They are our body's wisdom communicating with us all the time if only we listen and know how to work with them. Karla will teach you this.
By Carroll S
Date Added: Friday 20 December 2013
Excellent! Karla has a great delivery. I thank her for bringing the dark emotions into the light, and giving them their due respect for the import role they play in bringing needed attention to their source. Thank you!
By Mary R
Date Added: Sunday 14 July 2013
I listened to this over and over in my car while driving around - I have followed Karla's work for a long time and this is a wonderful addition - seems like the culmination of many things that have come before. I am deeply grateful to have her perspective.
By Isotta C
Date Added: Sunday 7 July 2013
Really interesting. I loved the information and the exercises. It taught me a lot of the scope of my emotions. The course basically teaches why emotions, even negative ones, show up and that they have a function and shouldn't be silenced or pushed away but "channeled".
By Allison
Date Added: Thursday 4 October 2012
Extremely insightful and packed with information. Very rarely will almost everything an author says resonate with me, but this was one of those cases. I will be listening to this more than once. Karla McLaren has changed fundamentally how I see emotions and dialogue with them within myself. I cannot overstate how helpful this program has been for me.
Date Added: Wednesday 4 January 2012
Profoundly insightful author! Some of the material is life-changing for me. You may go for the concepts or you may go for the implementation/practices. I'm guessing just about everyone has at least one emotion that they are working with/on.
By Marlene Wolcott
Date Added: Sunday 18 December 2011
Karla offers very unusual information on the value of our emotions, how to learn to be present to them and use them intentionally. She turns our generally accepted attitudes towards emotions upside-down. I highly recommend it.
By Tomi
Date Added: Wednesday 9 November 2011
Excellent guidance on how to manage your emotions so that they are a powerful, positive force in your life. A must purchase for anyone seeking to be whole.
By Paulette Pohlmann
Date Added: Tuesday 10 May 2011
After a lifetime of therapy and spiritual pursuits that still left me struggling, Karla McLaren's acquired wisdom has turned my world upside down in the most wonderful ways. I predict with no hesitation that her approach to emotional wholeness and balance will advance the fields of psychology and mental health by light years. Quite frankly, she has shown me how to achieve on my own what those expensive experts never could or did. I say with utmost gratitude, that I will never be the same.
By Peter Laucks
Date Added: Sunday 20 March 2011
The transaction was great and the product is fantastic.
Karla is the best!
By Leann
Date Added: Monday 19 July 2010
I love this recording! Very very practical!! Karla speaks very down to earth and her guided meditations are simple to follow but not simplistic. They have helped me in my daily life. I wish there were a part 2 to this!!
By Michael
Date Added: Monday 3 May 2010
This was a educational,well rounded look & practical experience of relating to & personal behavior with emotions,especially for this male living in the 21st century.
By Cathy Rosenberger
Date Added: Monday 19 December 2011
The pace is fast, non reflective and quite rushed. Disappointed compared to other products purchased

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