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Customer Reviews for The Essential Qigong Training Course

By Cathy M
Date Added: Thursday 31 July 2014
The part I have started practicing is wonderful.
By Norah B
Date Added: Saturday 19 April 2014
This looks like a great course - I have begun the 100 days and will punctuate Ken's work with a local teacher - will take the materials with me when I see her.
By Beverly H
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April 2014
A wealth of information. A wonderful way to learn Qi gong on a deeper level
By Christian R
Date Added: Saturday 30 November 2013
This is a very informative series and very well explained and demonstrated. With so much to learn about Qigong this is a great starting point.
By bob s
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
i have studied QiGong for about a year.... this will or should be of some benefit
By deborah y
Date Added: Wednesday 19 December 2012
I was looking for this and now practicing and it is helping my stress
By Linda R
Date Added: Wednesday 3 October 2012
I'm enjoying this course very much. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to begin qi gong.
By David T
Date Added: Tuesday 18 September 2012
This 100 day course was EXCELLANT. I have been studying Qigong for a decade and found the course not only great for furthering my understanding but also would be tremendous for anyone just starting out in Qigong study.
By Jay Dancing Bear
Date Added: Thursday 31 May 2012
If every American owned this hospitals would be empty. A well thought out selection of moves, Excellent detailed presentation, a great set to keep the beginner (me) learning and improving health for quite a while. Excellent value for one's money
By Van Miller
Date Added: Sunday 16 October 2011
Loving the program, which does not disappoint. A real pleasure to participate with this instructional package.
Date Added: Wednesday 29 July 2009
No real meat; no 8 brocades, Crane set, Bear Set, and so on. It is focused on healing; healing sounds, meditation, and lots of stuff on "healing with hands" which few Americans would ever believe in. But, it is a very well considered course containing enough to make it worth twice the current price. KC is not as starry eyed as most Qigong teachers, but he is damn close.
By Tim C
Date Added: Wednesday 19 December 2012
I enjoyed this excellent value set.

Clear instructions. I look forward to practising them
By Donna
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
The instruction is clear and easy to follow, but in order to do the suggested practice you have to change tracks and DVD's, plus you must always go through the very basics again and again so there is no flow at all. This would be ok if the workbook had the movement sequences presented so you could use that to practice without the DVD, but it does not. All this set needs is a full flowing practice session to follow along with once the basic moves are learned.
By Jennifer
Date Added: Monday 17 January 2011
Very comprehensive, clear instruction. Great information about over healing benefits of Qigong. Inspiring. But, to do the lessons in order the student has to use different tracks on different CDs, then different chapters on different DVDs rather than lessons being recording in order as to not get distracted by changing and searching for different, out of order tracks and chapters for just one lesson. Does not make for optimal learning. If I would have know this I might not have purchased it.
By Sounds True
Date Added: Wednesday 20 August 2014
Rhonda J -

Please contact customer service, at 1.800.333.9185 or send an email to support@soundstrue.zendesk.com, so that they can help find your order, and make sure you receive it.
By Rhonda J
Date Added: Thursday 31 July 2014
I did not yet receive this package in the mail. I've checked every day. Is it an online product? I only wanted a CD / DVD product.
By Jan B
Date Added: Friday 25 April 2014
I was excited to receive the package yet disappointed to see that the content of each of the 100 days was not in one place. In other words, to get the content for day one I would need to go to this CD and that DVD to assemble it myself. For that reason, I will return it.
By Sounds True
Date Added: Thursday 10 April 2014
To Alton N: Please contact customer service, at 1.800.333.9185 or support@soundstrue.zendesk.com if you believe that you should have already received this product. One of our representatives can check you account and let you know if this is still on back order for you.

To: Kathleen B -- We are sorry to hear that this product did not meet your needs. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True products for one year when purchased via our website. If a Sounds True product fails to meet your expectation—for any reason—simply return it with receipt for a full refund or exchange—whichever you prefer. For items manufactured by other companies, we indicate the warranty period in the product description.
Returns should be shipped to:
Sounds True Returns
413 S. Arthur Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027
By Kathleen B
Date Added: Wednesday 9 April 2014
As much as I practiced opening to take in the positive... too much fluff, too little practice substance.
By Alton N
Date Added: Friday 22 March 2013
It is still on back order - Right?

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