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Snatam Kaur is an American artist raised in the kundalini yoga tradition. Schooled in kirtan, meditation, and Gurmukhi (the Sanskrit-based language of Sikh scriptures from northern...

Customer Reviews for The Essential Snatam Kaur

By Ian D
Date Added: Saturday 20 September 2014
I first heard Statam after getting the free Sounds True Meditation Music download and fell in love with her Ek Ong Kaur. I bought this Essential Snatam Kaur album on the back of that. I was a little worried that Ek Ong Kaur may be the only song I liked but boy was I wrong. The full album is beautiful and so calming. Snatam's voice is outstandingly listenable and sounds like sunshine. This album is fulfilling and enriching and I would very much recommend getting it. X
By Udaya Zurc
Date Added: Saturday 12 July 2014
I listened to this music, its very soothing and relaxing. even after how many hours after I played the music, it still keeps on playing in my mind. When I practice Yoga with this music playing, I feel so free with the poses i do.
By Karen B
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
Only been doing yoga for 2yrs. and first heard Snatam Kaur during our practice. One of her mantras just stayed with me into the days following my practice. I sing it all the time. I am very happy with this purchase and rate it the highest rating.
By Karrie B
Date Added: Tuesday 25 February 2014
Simply love it!
By Karrie B
Date Added: Tuesday 25 February 2014
Simply love it!
By Lesly L
Date Added: Wednesday 19 February 2014
By Marcia M
Date Added: Saturday 20 July 2013
I love this CD - it is beautifully recorded and I have been playing it everyday to enhance my yoga and meditation practice. The vocals are haunting and "other" wordly. Snatam Kaur has an absolutely gorgeous voice. A must purchase for anyone who loves chanting or just relaxing to absolutely ethereal music.
Date Added: Friday 14 June 2013
very good
By jean tracy
Date Added: Saturday 1 June 2013
Uplifting. Beautiful.
By Ardeth D
Date Added: Wednesday 20 March 2013
I am enjoying her healing sounds on a regular basis.
By Judy G
Date Added: Friday 8 March 2013
This mix of chanting and familiar songs is so beautiful. Her voice is pure, and as per her interview with Tami Simon, her intention is there too. Thanks, Sounds True, for all the beauty in this album.
By Corrine M
Date Added: Tuesday 5 March 2013
Beautiful music and very soul calming! Listen to it a lot.
By Lesley R
Date Added: Monday 4 March 2013
By Stephanie C
Date Added: Sunday 3 March 2013
This is a wonderful and powerful CD. I use it for my yoga classes as well as for my Reiki patients. I never tire of it!
By carrie payne
Date Added: Saturday 2 March 2013
My heart is palpably moved - truly healing!
By Amy M
Date Added: Saturday 2 March 2013
Thanks very much. I am loving this music.
By Terri
Date Added: Monday 11 February 2013
The interview on "insights from the edge" is fantastic. Hearing Snatam Kaur speak about here music and her teacher only deepens ones listening experience. I have seen Snatam Kaur live acouple of times and her music truly sings to your heart and soul.
Thank you
Sounds true and Snatam Kaur
Date Added: Tuesday 9 October 2012
Listening to Snatam for the first time at the end of a yoga session, I was transported and fell immediately in love with her voice. She is loveliness incarnate.
By Maree OShea (Interior Balance)
Date Added: Saturday 30 June 2012
Extremely happy with the process to purchase and more importantly extremely happy with the product.
By MaryAnn Nigh
Date Added: Tuesday 29 May 2012
Just what I needed. Beautiful Music, Great Voice. Very Calming to Listen to.
By martin muntz
Date Added: Saturday 17 March 2012
i chant along as i listen and it helps give me peace
By Brudge Hopkins
Date Added: Thursday 9 February 2012
Some of it sounds a little country and western, to me that is, and I like it.
By Daniel
Date Added: Wednesday 8 February 2012
Snatam has such grace in person and in her voice. Her music gets you closer to your source!

I highly recommend to anyone!
By Deyse Bianchi
Date Added: Thursday 3 November 2011
I love it, I feel peace when listening.
By Dawn Kimble
Date Added: Monday 7 March 2011
This music was gentle, beautiful, soothing and relaxing. It was just what I was needing at the time and I was so glad that I bought it.
By Sean/"Kundalini Mike"
Date Added: Saturday 18 December 2010
Wow! I just love this music, esp. track #3/Servant of Peace before heading off to my AmeriCorps worksite. These creative arrangements of the traditional Kundalini Yoga mantras is simply inspiring!
By katya
Date Added: Wednesday 1 December 2010
excellent...love her crystal clear voice and strong spirit rising through music which floats from a heart illuminated
By Assia
Date Added: Thursday 22 July 2010
Snatam has most angelic voice. Her Divine Spirit touches everybody's hearts. I just Looove her!!
Sat Nam
By Lester S
Date Added: Wednesday 28 May 2014
I had heard this collection in my Kundalini class many times so I was delighted to find it on sale. I wish the translations were printed someplace.
By Jennifer W
Date Added: Sunday 3 March 2013
Beautiful, moving music - both the instrumental and her lovely voice.
By sandra n
Date Added: Wednesday 15 August 2012
Snatam's voice is a beautiful instrument.

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