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Donna Eden is the author of Energy Medicine (Putnam Publishing Group, 1998). She has treated over 10,000 individual clients and has taught hundreds of classes, speaking to...

Customer Reviews for The Energy Medicine Kit

By Sivaporn N
Date Added: Friday 11 July 2014
Very helpful and practical
By Kathryn d
Date Added: Thursday 10 July 2014
A great purchase as an intro to Donna's work and energy medicine. She has picked some effective and easy to learn and do practices. Enjoy her delightful loving heart.
By Andrew Hunter
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
Haven't had time yet to fully digest the ample and thorough information but what I have tried so far has been effective. Thanks too for such a speedy delivery from The States to Scotland. Andrew
By Delight D
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
Donna Eden is a true inspiration! Her fun energy and playfulness come through in each project, making it a joy to learn from her.
By Maria W
Date Added: Friday 4 July 2014
An absolutely perfect introduction to Donna Eden's brilliant work.
By Jan M
Date Added: Friday 4 July 2014
I have read Donna Eden's book and watched the DVD, and feel this kit is a welcome addition to her work. I played the CD in my car, as I'm on the road a lot for my work. Listening to the descriptions of the energy exercises has helped me remember both how to do them, and TO do them daily. The cards are great for quick access to the specific techniques I want to practice, and the chakra clearing crystal is just what the doctor (my internal physician) ordered!
By Kathryn K
Date Added: Wednesday 2 July 2014
I didn't know what to expect with this but am very impressed and very glad I ordered it. Very interesting and very useful information.
By Karen D
Date Added: Monday 30 June 2014
I found the energy kit very helpful with easy-to-understand illustrations. I very much recommend this kit.
By Laura T
Date Added: Saturday 28 June 2014
They are great! I got a lot of them to pass along to my clients. :)
By Mary Ann G
Date Added: Saturday 28 June 2014
I had purchased this product for myself and found it so helpful to me personally and in my healing work that I purchased 3 more kits to give as gifts.
By carol w
Date Added: Friday 27 June 2014
First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful service.

I am extremely happy with the Energy Medicine kit. There are 2 DVDs plus cards and a guidebook. Instructions are clear.
By Margaret S
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
This is fabulous! It has everything you need to start to get your energies moving. Very clear instructions & lots of info. Along with a crystal to open up irregular energies. Definitely a wonderful go-to product for every day to improve your health & well-being. I even bought one for a friend who loves it!
By Elaine
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
I should be as vibrant as Donna, with continued use this could happen.positively uplifting!
By Ann R
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
Very easy and extremely helpful program. I really enjoy it. Donna's cheerful, happy presentation make it even nicer.
By Christine L
Date Added: Wednesday 25 June 2014
The quick 5 minute daily routine is something everyone can do to bring more energy in. She is a very skilled author with some great ideas!
By tiana pollari
Date Added: Sunday 22 June 2014
I love my energy medicine kit. it arrived quickly, bonus for me. I have been using it daily. the price was very affordable. I have a very difficult time reading white print on 2 tone orange background on the back of the cards.{this is an issue that I have. }the front of the cards with very clear pictures and descriptions are so easy to read and use. I love them, thank you. I have since receiving this item ordered Donna's book and some laminated prints. I am looking forward to receiving these as well. thanks again . I highly recommend this product, for portability, description, easy to follow. love it
By anna
Date Added: Monday 9 June 2014
The exercises and the explanations have been very helpful. I am finding a very gradual lessening of pain and fatigue. Hopefully, it will continue and I will return to health. Thank you.
By Mary Ann G
Date Added: Sunday 25 May 2014
I am finding this to be a very useful summary of Donna Eden's work. The cards are beautifully illustrated and the directions are clear and easy to follow. I just ordered three more Energy Kits. I plan to give one to each of my three sisters.

Thank you for making them available at such a reasonable price.
Mary Ann Grassia
By Jacquelyn A
Date Added: Monday 14 April 2014
I love the Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Kits I ordered from you. I purchased them as gifts to give to my clients.
By Ursula B
Date Added: Monday 14 April 2014
This is the most amazing package. Donna Eden is so uplifting. Great value. Excellent
By Collien K
Date Added: Saturday 12 April 2014
I am delighted with the Energy Medicine Kit and was thrilled that it came so quickly! Thanx so much for setting up the kit in such away that it is easy to access the information and easy to use, yet the results have been profound.
By Jenny M
Date Added: Sunday 6 April 2014
I love the content. Donna explains everything so clearly and enthusiastically. I'm very excited already with the results.
By Chris G
Date Added: Thursday 27 March 2014
I like her simple instructions on the video and the easy reference cards. Wonderful resource!
By Diane L
Date Added: Saturday 1 March 2014
The Energy Medicine Kit is wonderful!

First, I like the way it is presented...it is compact, organized and the colors are vibrant...My first thought was that it would make a great gift.

Next, the information (booklet, DVD, CD, reference cards) is well-organized and easy to understand. There is everything needed to quickly and easily begin to use the information and start the healing process...even a crystal.

It will take me a bit of time using the information to see just how efficient the exercises are...but I am excited about the process.

There is only one slight change I would make...and that is on the reference cards where the "benefits" of each exercise are listed...it is a bit difficult to read the white letters against the orange background.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the kit.
Thank you so much!
By Jules B
Date Added: Tuesday 21 January 2014
excellent, very helpful life skills
By migdalia morrissey
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
Very satisfied! Thank you Donna, you are an inspiration to life!
By Vicki H
Date Added: Saturday 31 August 2013
such a generous package of information1
By Susan W
Date Added: Tuesday 27 August 2013
Just listening to Donna Eden raises my energy!

The exercises she teaches are easy and effective. I try to do something every day and I am experiencing a new energy an ability to concentrate better.
Thank you!

By Anne A
Date Added: Monday 26 August 2013
Love this whole kit but especially the DVD! Donna is an amazing person and I thank her for her sharing her wisdom.
By Arthur S
Date Added: Saturday 17 August 2013
simply fabulous
By akaren k
Date Added: Tuesday 18 June 2013
This is the BEST investment you will ever make
The contributions to your health unparralled.
Ideas are SUBERB, simple, time efficient,and
correct deficiencies we all have and have nonknown remedies for.

YES, it's true while being extremely cheap.
By Pauline L
Date Added: Sunday 2 June 2013
I am so glad I finally found Donna Eden! Her energy medicine kit is wonderful. I love it. It looks good, feels good, easy to understand and use. It's sweet and fun, like Donna! I highly recommend it. Thank you
By Anna Lin
Date Added: Saturday 30 March 2013
An excellent comprehensive kit for using
Donna Eden's brilliant energy healing.
By Inna Z
Date Added: Wednesday 20 March 2013
It's very helpful. I had the book, but I wanted to see how Donna does the exercises in the book. This kit helped.
By Beverly F
Date Added: Thursday 17 January 2013
Great product that sums up Donna Eden's work with user friendly cards and video. Wonderful!
By Rosemary G
Date Added: Saturday 29 September 2012
excellent program. quick and easy to do. in a month of performing these exercsies, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy level and an improvement in my mood.
By Heather Fraser Fawcett
Date Added: Friday 14 September 2012
I highly recommend, as a psychotherapist and ordained minister, that my clients learn and regularly practise Donna Eden's exercise. I do her exercises daily, including one or two between each client session.
I've had the privilege of having some training with Donna at a Jean Houston Social Artistry Intensive in 2004. And with her husband, David Feinstein. I've used and recommend her book on Energy Medicine as well as the kit, and her training programme which some congregants have begun.


Rev. Dr. Heather Fraser Fawcett, QC, Canada
By gayle b
Date Added: Sunday 26 August 2012
My second kit - gave the first one away.. It is a very helpful and practical way to lessen stress and heal from within.
By Mattie G
Date Added: Friday 3 August 2012
Love it!
By Linda Brett
Date Added: Wednesday 11 July 2012
great kit, especially for those of us who have some difficulty remembering routines after several days away from the video.
By Chrystal Ang
Date Added: Saturday 30 June 2012
super great! I love it. I always put it on the morning and do some of the exercises. It really help me feel better and even my luck change to good too!
By Roy Tuckman
Date Added: Sunday 11 March 2012
This was a gift - the recipient was happy and grateful but I don't know whether she is using the material or not and I think it would be inappropriate for me to dig. But I have been very happy and impressed with my copy. Donna Eden is one of a kind and really knows what she is talking about, as is evident immediately upon trying her techniques.
By Annie Montanari
Date Added: Tuesday 6 March 2012
The kit more than met my expectations. The DVD & CD provide visual & auditory demonstration of the "enercises" in the book which I already had. The cards are something I had thought about making myself, but didn't know where to start! They are a very handy quick reference.
By J Gold
Date Added: Sunday 4 March 2012
I am surprised how quickly these techniques have worked once I began using them daily. I notice that boundary issues, in particular, are healing naturally.
This is an uplifting and extremely useful product. Thank you, Donna, and thank you, Sounds True.
By sandra mackey
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
Incredibly helpful! Thank you!
By Linda Reneau
Date Added: Thursday 16 February 2012
Excellent! These "energy-sizes" are fun and easy to do---and they work! Donna Eden is a delightful teacher.
By Barb Joyce
Date Added: Sunday 12 February 2012
A very helpful combo to compliment my EEM class I am taking.
By Mary Jo Hedges
Date Added: Thursday 9 February 2012
I love Donna Eden's "The Energy Medicine Kit". The booklet provided basic info and the cards give great 'how to' directions. I teach yoga and I have begun introducing some of the techniques to my students.
By Malikah Pierson
Date Added: Sunday 5 February 2012
I love the engergy medicine kit. It's simply useable and effective... just perfect. The packaging is beautiful also. Thank you Donna and thank you Sounds True. If it's Sounds True, it is true!! :-)
By Roger Dean III
Date Added: Friday 3 February 2012
I really loved this kit. It's simple with many types of information to help me get all the information. I'm still reviewing the cards and I want to watch the DVD again, pluse I like the CD when I'm at work. Donna Eden is so nice. Her kit has really helped on those days when I wake up and just can't get started. On a bad day it can take me twelve hours to really get up and get going. On those days you just want to stay in bed. Donna Eden really helps me get out and get up to speed when I don't feel like it. Thank you.
By lindsey suleman
Date Added: Tuesday 31 January 2012
wonderful! thank you
By Katie
Date Added: Monday 30 January 2012
This is a wonderful value.
By virginia wirth-pattullo
Date Added: Saturday 28 January 2012
I feel that the entire kit is very informative and helpful in starting to learn about energy medicine. The exercises and explanations are easy to understand and makes one feel lighter and less stressed afterwards. Thank you!
By Brunhilde Matheson
Date Added: Wednesday 25 January 2012
I am more than pleased with the kit. The quality exceeds my expectation. Thank you!
By Linda Boulter
Date Added: Saturday 21 January 2012
Wow! Thanks Donna, you truly transmit your wonderful healing energy through your voice and these easy to use enercizes.
By Carol Fisler
Date Added: Saturday 12 November 2011
Love this and have shared with my friends. Would like to see more of Donna Eden.
By Judith Todd
Date Added: Saturday 8 October 2011
I've not yet used all of this kit, but what I've seen, heard, and used is really fantastic. Eden offers easy techniques that can really make a positive difference in energy levels, ability to cope with stress, and much more. It's a shame this knowledge has been lost to our culture -- but Eden is bringing it back to us in a clear, effective way.
By Mary Halula
Date Added: Tuesday 27 September 2011
I think the Energy Medicine Kit is a real bargain. I ordered it and received it in record time. Thanks!
By Robert Cranford
Date Added: Tuesday 27 September 2011
By Robert Cranford
Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
By Ellie Gillespie
Date Added: Sunday 11 September 2011
Loved it! I have been using it myself and practicing on my husband we are both very happy!
By Carmel Bracken
Date Added: Thursday 25 August 2011
Loved this product. The DVD was wonderful and it is great to have the cards and CD to practice the techniques shown in DVD.
By Regina Luffey
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
I am very happy with The Energy Medicine Kit. I had no idea that so much experience and wisdom went into SoundsTrue products. Thank you very much!
By Susan Francoeur
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
Valuable information, making an immediate difference in my life.
By Alyson Cesarz
Date Added: Wednesday 20 July 2011
This is a perfect gift for someone who is new and just begining to learn what healing and energy is all about. I got this for a friend just learning the basics and she loved it! A great tool for starting out.
By Judy Garrity
Date Added: Sunday 3 April 2011
This kit is filled with helpful ways to learn the energy techniques that Donna Eden demonstrates. I highly recommend it!
By Julie Neway
Date Added: Thursday 17 March 2011
Excellent mataerials for energy healing.
By Madalyn S.
Date Added: Sunday 27 February 2011
I love this kit! The dvd is easy to follow along with and the exercises are easy to do yet powerful. I feel so much better when I'm done and more balanced.
Date Added: Saturday 30 October 2010
Energy healing at its best. Donna Eden comes through again with this energy medicine program in a handy kit format. Donna's exercises are indeed HEALING and you feel the effects immediately, be it for chronic fatigue or stress-related conditions, as well as increased joy and wellbeing. I hope Sounds True will carry more of her products in the future!
By mary-jane
Date Added: Thursday 9 September 2010
i had been feeling like crying for about a month and could not work it out . then i did the energy medicine tapping on my colar bone underarm pits and brest plate with 2 breaths in each spot. Instantly i knew this crying problem had gone and then i realised the sadness had attached itself to me / ie a programme of thought from someone else. Since then i have been able to use it when ever negative emotions or whatever get stuck on me. so this is really
making my life more peaceful and capeable.wow
By Faye B
Date Added: Saturday 12 July 2014
Donna Eden is a vivacious teacher and combines modalities that work.
I really like the packaging of the material but I do not like the music between sessions -- discordant and distracting breaks the energy.
i would recommend this kit.
By Jamie B
Date Added: Wednesday 29 August 2012
Very pleased with product, have shared with others and recommend site for items to several other freiends.
By Gale
Date Added: Monday 27 February 2012
A great kit if you don't want to buy her books or study Energy Medicine. The only drawback is in the cards.. the back had all the benefits but the print is yellow on an orange background and hard to read; I made transparent labels with the print in black for mine.
My rating would be a 5 star if the print was legible
By Wendy Moor
Date Added: Friday 10 February 2012
Find the writing on the back of the cards is difficult to read.
By Michele Collins
Date Added: Wednesday 8 February 2012
I have found many sore spots, my energy was blocked in and I was feeling very depleated.
The DVD is a little slow and Donna does a great job, but I feel Donna needs to be a little more flueant in her deliverance.
Too much time wasted waiting for people to come up to be shown how to do things.
This has and will be great for me the more and more I use it.
Kind regards Michele ( Australia)
By mary natschke
Date Added: Tuesday 7 February 2012
Like the kit . . . lots of info to review!
By Tracey Gamboni
Date Added: Wednesday 14 December 2011
With this energy kit Donna has cover pretty much all the areas. The cards are particularly good because of the ease of not handling a book while doing the exercises and the clear intructions with pictures. All in all quite good.
By Andrea Whitmore
Date Added: Monday 22 August 2011
Helpful, clear instructions. I especially like the set of cards that comes with it.
By Gregory Gable
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011
Good Product
By Mary Ellen G
Date Added: Wednesday 20 March 2013
The information in the kit is good; however, I found the material hard to work with. As an older person whose eyesight is not too good, I had trouble reading the small print--especially the white print on the back of the cards.
By Barbara G
Date Added: Tuesday 3 December 2013
The product I ordered was CRAP.
Whoever designed the cards needs to have their head examined.
The colors were so light [orange & white!!??] that you couldn't read the words.

I tossed this product in the garbage.
The headache, the time, the money -- my time's more valuable than what it would take to get this back & refunded.

Barbara G

P.S. I've let my social network know about this company.

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