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Kim Eng

Kim Eng is a counselor and spiritual teacher whose “Presence Through Movement” workshops focus on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. As Eckhart Tolle’s teaching partner, she has helped translate his ideas into a structured practice.

Customer Reviews for Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga

By Rosalind M
Date Added: Monday 12 May 2014
This is an interesting video on yoga practice, especially for Western societies which are so action oriented. Yin Yoga helps you understand and live acceptance.
By Mary K
Date Added: Tuesday 9 April 2013
I love this DVD! I am relatively new to Yin yoga. I do a bit of this as often as I can. Made a huge difference for me in terms of feeling more relaxed through out the day! The introduction, the meditation and the poses are very powerful.
By Khristina M
Date Added: Wednesday 19 December 2012
Love this dvd! So peaceful and purposeful.
I really love the fact that it is slow paced and we relax into poses, allowing the body to stretch more. Thanks Kim......
By Lori H
Date Added: Wednesday 12 September 2012
By Julia King
Date Added: Friday 20 July 2012
By Jeanne Segar
Date Added: Friday 23 September 2011
I love this CD, very well done.
By Carol Hendricks
Date Added: Tuesday 30 August 2011
Nicely presented. Easy to follow.
By Patricia Bolles
Date Added: Tuesday 2 August 2011
Very nice-useful.
By Deborah Growns
Date Added: Tuesday 26 April 2011
Love this! Make sure you have plenty of cushions on hand if, like me, you are not very flexible.
By Linda Boulter
Date Added: Monday 14 March 2011
Kim Eng's gentle Yin Yoga class is offered from presence. Her vocal instructions and visual demonstrations are clear and succinct. She offers space for meditation and body awareness. This program would be of value to those new to yoga and to yinsters alike.
By katherine bieringer
Date Added: Thursday 16 January 2014
I have practiced yoga for many years and I find that yin yoga makes it very easy to enter into and rest in the Silence of my "being." Thank you
By Iris Schmaltz
Date Added: Thursday 31 May 2012
Excellent production, amazing music, Kim is a very gifted teacher, and a wonderful example of stillness. The concept is outstanding. I find the poses far too difficult, hopefully one day I will be flexible enough! I am substituing yoga poses that I can manage, and following the the direction Kim is leading. Not for beginners, or the physically challenged!
By Donald Fong
Date Added: Monday 31 October 2011
Fine course. The poses are mostly doable. I was uncomfortable with
the meditation cross-legged pose and child's pose,which she had another name for; I'm simply not flexibe in the hammies and midsection. The instructions were easy to follow, and she included alternate moves for the tougher moves.
By lizzie dalton
Date Added: Saturday 5 November 2011
I really did not flow with this dvd..Not for me but passed it on to someone who loves it
By Hildburg
Date Added: Friday 24 January 2014
I felt confused by the message at the start of the video which reads: ... Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain...is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars. I understand that you would like copyright to be respected. However, this message sounds for me to be based on fear and desire and thus contradicts the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng. Your wish to protect copyright could certainly be expressed in a more conscious/compassionate/kind language. I live in Europe and I have never seen anything alike at the start of DVDs or movies so far. Truth sounds very different to me... With Love and Light Hildburg
By sarah lamb
Date Added: Sunday 8 July 2012
I actually couldn't open this on my computer. Please HELP! I have a 5 year old Macbook
....so sad! I really want to see this!!!
By Gerald Kallberg
Date Added: Thursday 5 May 2011
The content is excellent, but the video quality is poor. Plus I downloaded with the intention of writng to a DVD to play on my TV but couldn't. I am restricted to viewing on my PC and this limits my mobilty to practice along with it. An okay reference but not a useful learning resource.

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