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Ken Wilber is one of the most influential and widely read American philosophers of our time. His writing has been translated into more than 20 languages. Ken Wilber is the author of many books, including The Spectrum of Consciousness; The Eye of Spirit; Grace and Grit; Sex,...

Customer Reviews for Integral Transformation

By Simon Cribb
Date Added: Thursday 17 April 2014
This is a concise introduction to Ken's model that integrates the states of consciousness (according to the mystic traditions) with the the stages of conscious maturation (according to western psychology).
As soon as I started to listen, I felt so many pieces from the jigsaw of my life clicking into place. Ken's work is truly mind expanding, but better than that, it is consciousness expanding.
I have been delighted with this program, although it has turned me into a bit of a Wilber freak!
By ZekOkeX aka Ken Moy
Date Added: Thursday 6 January 2011
Ken Wilber is Ken Moy. We are all to one to zero on Earth in Cosmos-Universe-Kosmos!!!!
By Michael Horsphol
Date Added: Wednesday 10 November 2010
As a composer of music for a new earth, I have studied and had intimate knowledge and practice of many spiritual paths, but nobody has ever expressed such a profound and genuinely inspired doctrine than Ken Wilber and the Integral Transformation.
It is a breath of fresh air, it is totally new and modern. it is for us and our time as we face the most exciting and challenging times.
Thank you Ken and please keep writing.
By Carl Patterson
Date Added: Monday 11 October 2010
Ken Wilbur helped me change my world and universe view.....
He is brilliant in all the right ways..
By Tavis
Date Added: Thursday 5 August 2010
Ken Wilber entered my life 10 years ago, and I have not looked back...
Integral conceptulizations have entered my life, and totally changed the way I see the world/life. Thanks Ken!
By suzgard
Date Added: Monday 2 August 2010
I've been a Ken Wilber fan for years. Whatever he does is always worth my time.

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