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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. His experiments involved using exact sound frequencies to make chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize...

Customer Reviews for Ambient Music for Sleep

By daniel gryte g
Date Added: Friday 12 July 2013
I purchased several CDs for the purpose of inducing deep sleep and this was the best of them. I found some of the other sleep CDs effective but "heavier" if that makes any sense. My sleep was less refreshing with them, whereas with Ambient, I woke up alive, refreshed and raring to go.
By Melissa S
Date Added: Friday 5 July 2013
Lovely CD. Go to sleep with it every night now. Thank you!
By K. Jolene R
Date Added: Wednesday 26 June 2013
I was amazed - truly. After listening to this cd, I slept through an entire night (8 hours) without waking up once!. This has not happened in many years.
By Anne B
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June 2013
It really works. I've had some of my best sleep since Using this CD.
By Suzanne Hunt
Date Added: Friday 13 April 2012
I found this CD very helpful to listen to when I was having trouble sleeping. I was prescribed Valium, but this CD was much more effective and in the long run was better for my physical and mental health.
By Marielle O
Date Added: Friday 21 June 2013
Just loved the the sound effects. Very conducive to falling asleep in a peaceful manner.

By kathy m
Date Added: Sunday 22 December 2013
Music was nice to listen to but did not find it soothing for sleep.
By Estelle b
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
I am sorry to say that I do not find this recording at all relaxing. I instead find it triggers my fight or flight response. Not at all helpful for sleep nor soothing. :(

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