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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

Customer Reviews for Caroline Myss' Essential Guide for Healers

By Jane C
Date Added: Sunday 12 October 2014
I really enjoyed this program. I believe that every healer must listen to this.
By Barbara B
Date Added: Tuesday 17 December 2013
Reminders for healers in the new year. Helps remind us we are helpers in the process; we are not always in charge or able to do it all. Our responsibility is to guide towards the healing.
By Helen D
Date Added: Wednesday 9 October 2013
very very useful guidance for anyone who works with people in, really, any capacity. I don't think you need to consider yourself a healer in order to benefit from these cd's.
By Giliosa K
Date Added: Tuesday 17 September 2013
Caroline Myss' Essential Guide for Healers is excellent, the lectures have been helpful, comforting and challenging for me.
I've found there's such a wealth of information in them I need to relisten to them a number of times
Thank you very much.
By Sharon T
Date Added: Saturday 29 June 2013
Carolyn is always a joy to listen too. she gets right to the nitty gritty of things.
By Annie P.
Date Added: Wednesday 19 December 2012
Caroline always calls a spade a spade and this series is no different. Some have called her cranky but I respect her direct/honest approach that speaks to us as mature adults, without kid gloves on. The information was so helpful to me and it seems so important that every healer would benefit from knowing how to conduct themselves in whatever healing field, both for their own sake and for the person seeking healing. I've heard so many of her cds that I've noticed many times she slips into a groove where you know or feel she's tapped into something "more" or "beyond", the wise words just pour out and I feel privileged to be listening. She has blessed my life for years and helped me be a better person, layer by layer. I'm thankful for her and this priceless info.
By Jacqueline M
Date Added: Wednesday 5 September 2012
Caroline Myss has deconstructed the essence of healing in this guide shining light on many aspects of this complicated subject . She makes many bold statements that often sound more ike opinion than fact, but her point of view is well informed. I found the exploration of the shadow and the wounded healer archetype of particular interest. Each time I listen to the CDs I hear something that I didn't catch before. The more I listen to Caroline's voice, the more I admire her honesty, humor and dedication. The series helped me take a break from the need to constantly be in service to others.
By rosemary griggs
Date Added: Wednesday 14 March 2012
Caroline is an awesome teacher. This was a great tape.
By Laura Anderson
Date Added: Wednesday 17 August 2011
Excellent consolidation of teachings for helpers and healers
By Laurie Mediavilla
Date Added: Tuesday 26 July 2011
Great intro for all types of healers.
By Tracy OMeara Smith
Date Added: Saturday 28 May 2011
Honest to a T. Carolyn does not hold back on her insight into the healing arts. If you want clarity and direction this is the audio book to get!
By Johnny Trifunovich
Date Added: Saturday 7 May 2011
Absolutely loved it! it is what it say and makes perfect sense to me as a practitioner!! the fundamentals in healing!! a must read or listen too. Ive listened to it 3 times already and admire the sense logic and grounded approach.
Thank you Caroline Myss and sounds true
By Diane Wollard
Date Added: Monday 21 March 2011
There is nothing this woman does that is anything but excellent.
By Jeanette Sattora
Date Added: Thursday 17 March 2011
The first reviewer referred to this being akin to a lecture from her mother. If you are not familiar with Carolyn Myss you just have to understand that this is her message delivery style. She is quick and to the point which may come across to some as bossy or shrill. But I guarantee that she knows her stuff. My first introduction to C.M. was Energy Anatomy, INCREDIBLE, that's all I have to say. I have never learned so much from that series ever before and ever since. I also have Advancer E.A. , WONDERFUL. Give C.M. a chance. She changed my life.
By Susan Marks
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
While there is valuable information in this series, it feels more like a lecture from your mother. Also, I do not feel that I learned much of what was advertised I would learn.
By MaryAnne C
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
Although I love her books, I can't stand her cd's. Her voice is SO unpleasant and her attitude is condescending.

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