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Martin L. Rossman, M.D. is a physician and acupuncturist who has practiced holistic medicine for over 30 years. He is cofounder of the Academy for Guided Imagery and the author of the award-winning Guided Imagery for Self-Healing and Fighting Cancer from...

Customer Reviews for Preparing for Surgery

By Murielle F
Date Added: Sunday 1 December 2013
The day after I decided to have double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, I went into shock. I knew it was the right decision, but emotionally, I wasn't ready. I found Dr. Rossman's "Preparing for Surgery" program online and it literally saved me. I listened to it twice a day for almost two weeks before the surgery as recommended, and it completely changed my attitude. I can't thank Dr. Rossman enough for this program.
By Judi
Date Added: Thursday 17 October 2013
I've used this for 2 surgeries and it was very helpful both times. It helped calm my anxiety before, and get through the recovery phase without too much discomfort. Ask if you can have it playing into headphones during the surgeries.
By Benjamin R
Date Added: Friday 1 March 2013
I have found these guided imagery exercises to be very helpful both before and after surgery. Martin speaks with just the right tone of voice.
By Carolyn
Date Added: Friday 21 December 2012
I benefited greatly having this audio to prepare for my surgery and for post surgery. I found it extremely helpful and would highly recommend it.
By Margie F
Date Added: Monday 3 December 2012
I used this tape as designed for preparation and recovery of a major surgery. It was magnificant. I believe it helped me to be completely prepared and am still using twice daily, as this is day 5 post op. i am exceeding all recovery projections. Thank you for the wisdom and guidance offered through this excellent healing meditation tape!
By Lori Clark
Date Added: Monday 8 February 2010
Loved it! Both my mom and I have used it and we both found it to be helpful.
By Adrienne C
Date Added: Monday 26 May 2014

I bought this CD for my total knee replacement. unfortunately it didn't delivered what I expected. I found it boring to listen almost the same words in all sequences even if there are some slight variations of words. After 2 days I had enough and turned towards other audios.
By Elizabeth B
Date Added: Thursday 23 October 2014
I was never able to download this item, thus was never able to use it prior to my surgery.
I tried multiple times to download it per the instructions and the file would not download.
So I am out the money for this item.
Luckily my surgery went very well and I am on the path to recovery. I will not order another item from your website again
I was required to give this a rating of 1 star but would actually rate this a zero.
By Patricia K
Date Added: Wednesday 16 January 2013
Not useful, any relaxation tape would have been just as good.

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