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Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, is an internationally recognized scholar, award-winning poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and cantadora (keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition). In addition to her international bestseller Women Who Run With the...

Customer Reviews for Seeing in the Dark

By Kathleen
Date Added: Wednesday 8 January 2014
Profound guidance.
By Lynn B
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
Clarissa Pinkola Estes is my favorite storyteller. Her voice is beautiful.
By Marilyn B
Date Added: Thursday 17 October 2013
I love everything Dr Estes writes or records. This one was no exception.
By Maria V
Date Added: Thursday 11 July 2013
excellent, I love Dr Pinkola-Estes....
By Sharon M
Date Added: Thursday 4 July 2013
Stories, myths and humor are the foundation for Seeing in the Dark. Dr Estes leads us to an understanding of the importance of our intuition, which exists in us all to help us connect to our true selves and to all of life. Women especially will find this CD magical. Relax, nurture your soul and remember who you really are.
By Diane K
Date Added: Monday 1 July 2013
I love the way CPE shares her knowledge through stories. If you liked Women Who Run with the Wolves, you will like this as well. She also has a very engaging voice so is easy to listen to, which I do not find to be the case with all audio books.
By K. Voegeli
Date Added: Friday 28 June 2013
Years ago I read Clarissa Pinkola Estes' work WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES, so I am familiar with her work. She offers very insightful observations of timeless stories and their meaning for us in our modern world. She is very adept at adapting the morals and imagery of these tales so that they make sense to us now in a way that allows us to apply their lessons to everyday life.

By Anne Z
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June 2013
throughly enjoyable.. she's a great story teller.. listening to her gives you a front row seat on that journey...
By jo jewitt
Date Added: Tuesday 1 May 2012
Brilliant this is one of my fav works!!
By Michelle E.
Date Added: Tuesday 24 April 2012
"I love, love, love all the stories in this series! Help me get out of the rut of that creative block with my clay and painting. May the "Creative Force be with Dr. E.!" "I give it 100 Stars!"

Michelle E., Albuquerque, N.M.
By Mary Morgan
Date Added: Sunday 8 April 2012
I highly recommend this book.
I listened to the audio version and
continue to over and over always
learning something new. She is
a wonderful story teller and has
such beneficial messages.
By rosemary griggs
Date Added: Wednesday 1 February 2012
She opens my mind to the Divine Presence!
By julie jones
Date Added: Thursday 29 December 2011
Love, love, love her work......
By Josephine
Date Added: Wednesday 8 September 2010
I am so very happy that Ms Pinkoles has come out with a new work. I have all of her previous works,from her book to all of her tapes. I am going to purchase this new tape right now.I know that it will be a hit.Thank you Clarissa for who you are.You have kept me alive to my inner self all of these years since I first encountered your book .May the Great Spirit continue to bless you with the very best of health and strength.
By Gail A
Date Added: Sunday 7 July 2013
Lovely voice; clear lessons
By Susan B
Date Added: Monday 1 July 2013
Enjoy the stories.
By June F
Date Added: Saturday 29 June 2013

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