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Lee Holden is an internationally celebrated Qi Gong master. He is also a well known television personality who has appeared regularly on PBS. In 2009, he was honored by the International Chi Gong Association. Lee is a licensed Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist and the...

Customer Reviews for Qi Gong for Health and Healing

By Blaze B
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
For a long time I've had an interest in Qi Gong but it never seemed efficient or convenient to learn without an instructor. This course changes everything. I am grateful to Lee Holden for creating a comprehensive guide allowing me to tap into the Qi(chi) in my body. I feel incredibly good and have a smile on my face after every session. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone interested or motivated to learn alternative healing practices. This guy is awesome.
By Helen H
Date Added: Sunday 12 October 2014
So well set out and easy to understand,I just thought it was one of the best Qi Gong programmes I have done.
Highly recommended!
Date Added: Thursday 9 October 2014
This is so worth the money! I had used the online course and liked it but this has a lot more content.
By Seth S
Date Added: Wednesday 8 October 2014
I'm really enjoying this Whole set on qi gong from lee Holden. It's my first experience with qi gong and I am extremely satisfied. Worth every cent. Not to mention the benefits the practice has brought about.
By Dawne
Date Added: Tuesday 7 October 2014
What I love about this set and the teachings is that I feel compelled to practice nearly every day -- the benefits are that significant. I am using this for pain relief in addition to centering and it's working.
By Eric L
Date Added: Monday 6 October 2014
Extreme Value Lee Holden Rocks!!
By Chanmaly L
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
Love this kit! Lee Holder is a great teacher. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Qi Gong.
By Cynthia K
Date Added: Thursday 2 October 2014
Excellent. Content rich.
By Dennis C
Date Added: Wednesday 1 October 2014
It is very complete. I look forward to finishing the course and beginning my journey. I recommend this course to almost everyone. As a beginner, I am able to feel as if I am executing the forms correctly. Lee has chosen the forms very wisely. I am very satisfied with the course. I highly recommend it as a starting point.
By Helen Huxley
Date Added: Friday 26 September 2014
At last i have a much better understanding of Qi Gong.
I have read many books have seen many videos on Qi Gong but have never had it explained so clearly and with such clarity as Lee Holden has done on Qi Gong for Health and Healing.
A million thanks to Lee Holden and Soundstrue.com for bring to my attention such a gem.

By Cider Chick
Date Added: Monday 1 September 2014
I bought this as an online course, & now I'm planning on buying the set as a Christmas gift for a family member! It is truly so awesome; very comprehensive yet accessible & w/great visuals to illustrate the pressure points used in self-healing. I am just so delighted with this set.
By Lorna M
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April 2014
Fantastic variety covering all aspects if Qi Gong. The audio, DVD and book would be suitable to all learning types.
By Wendy M
Date Added: Thursday 27 February 2014
By Janina Naderi
Date Added: Friday 8 March 2013
I give it 5 stars * * * * * Excellent program

I'm very happy with my order. QI Gong for Health and Healing by Lee Holden arrived quickly. It's a great resource kit (DVDs, CDs, &
Workbook) that I'm still working my way thru. I like the multiple time options for the morning and evening routines. Although in the Morning, I enjoy doing the longer 50 minute program because it has so many great moves. Lee Holden is a wonderful teacher who radiates an inner beautiful spirit. I especially like that he doesn't talk while doing the program.
Instead his gentle, clear, helpful voice-over allows him to fully get into the movement and qi breathing. When I finish the routines, I find myself bowing slightly with my hands in
prayer position and saying thank you to the screen. Janina Naderi
By Amber M
Date Added: Tuesday 11 September 2012
I bought this program since my psychotherapist recommended Qi Gong to assist in releasing traumas and becoming more connected to my body in a healthy way.
So far so good. Every time I've done a Qi Gong session, my sleep is deep and restful (very unlike my usual sleep). The book and audio cds are nice for the background explanation. It's simple and understandable for a beginner like me.
Overall, a well put together program which was exactly what I needed to approach Qi Gong with no prior experience. I LOVE the DVD sessions. Lee Holden has a calming voice and presence and explains the movements in an easy to follow way.
By David N
Date Added: Tuesday 11 September 2012
excellent source for learning and practicing Qi Gong.
By Marty Wisott
Date Added: Sunday 27 May 2012
This program is pragmatic, extremely well-organized, and
communicated with clarity, warmth, and confidence of someone who truly lives the life he's teaching. Mr. Holden clearly knows what he's talking and yet he never gets in the way of what he is presenting.

The program is divided physical practices (DVDs) and lectures w/meditations (CDs) and a booklet that ties it all together. I've read/practiced with several qi gong and yoga books/DVDs over the years, and yet I've never experienced a program that is as deep, practical and accessible as this one. These practices are easy to pick up and have had an immediate, direct impact on my daily life. Bravo to Mr. Holden and to SoundsTrue! This rich and rewarding program is one that can last a lifetime.
By Helene Chenard
Date Added: Wednesday 25 April 2012
I wish I had known about this years ago. I have not even gotten full swing into all the programs yet and I feel so much better! Well designed, good speed, sufficient explanations for the practices to be effective.
By Devin Wallace
Date Added: Tuesday 10 April 2012
Terrific training course! I studied with Lee, so I was familiar with this course -- bought it for my daughter.
By Jeri Jones
Date Added: Monday 23 January 2012
Lee Holden's Qi Gong for Health and Healing was a worthwhile investment that I am enjoying and believe has already been beneficial! He makes this ancient pratice very easy to understand and incorporate into daily living. Because of this set, the journaling use of the exercises and the accupressure points, I can say I feel more relaxed and confident about my overall health and well-being. I'm also meditating daily and at a deeper level, thanks to Lee's guided meditations! It is also a beautifully designed set that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an alternative health and well-being solution.
By Dawna Diaz
Date Added: Wednesday 28 December 2011
Love it. I appreciate the CD's, DVD and book formats that covers everything.
By Lamees Mansur
Date Added: Wednesday 14 December 2011
I have not looked or engaged with this program yet! But, I am planning to when I retire which is in about 3+months. I love Lee Holden. He is quite user friendly and I suspect, this course will be excellent for beginers like me. I always wanted to learn Chi Gung and what better way to start but at home with a coach like Lee Holden.
I am stoked and looking forward to getting into that program. Thank you Sounds True for all that you do!
By Barbara Baron
Date Added: Sunday 11 December 2011
This is what I have been looking for and hoping for, having tied other Qi Gong programs for years. At my age, 74, the flowing movement component is particularly my style and I am getting so much from the practice as well as the teaching materials. The amount of information is wonderful and I cannot say enough about the whole program! Great, great, great!
By Jonathan Bacon
Date Added: Monday 5 December 2011
I haven't had time to cover all the material;only about half thus far the info has been very informative, is well presented and i'm enjoying the instructional dvds for exercise it's a lot of material to take in but i'm really enjoying it- it's like having a weekend tutorial without having to leave home also i like his style of chi gong but it's like every teacher of bodywork brings their unique combination of knowledge,personality and flair to the table --many thanks to Mr Holden!
By Sondra Reiss
Date Added: Sunday 4 December 2011
This is like a journey into energy knowledge. It grows from the simple to the complex, from the everyday to the divine. And like all new discoveries, it surprises us. In this case it surpasses all expectations.
Highly recommended.
By Virginia Hall
Date Added: Friday 2 December 2011
Excellent content & presentation. I'm really enjoying this.
By Sandra Healy
Date Added: Saturday 12 November 2011
Excellent resource. Just what I've been looking for in my spiritual journey and at age 60, for health & healing and many more productive years.
By carol mccuish
Date Added: Monday 7 November 2011
this kit i have purchased has become an important part of my daily activity,i am retired and a bit of a homebody so i find it most enjoyable to do this in the backyard or the liveing room ,my cat and pooch have learned to relax and hang out while i have a dvd on or a cd playing. my order arrived in good time and i was pleasantly happy with the kit . i am in gratitude for all the people involved with this co. and also Lee Holden for sharing a lifetime of wealth nemaste(:
By Velaphi Petsana
Date Added: Tuesday 27 September 2011
This is such a great introduction to Qi gong. The dvd's and the exercises will blow your mind.
By Jill Honodel
Date Added: Friday 12 August 2011
This is the BEST investment I have ever made in a set of any kind of DVD's. Lee Holden masterfully explains what Qi Gong is all about and as I use his materials I feel more masterful myself as gain more knowledge of my own as to what is helpful to my body and for relaxation. Every time, after each time I use one of the DVD's or CD's I feel refreshed, balanced, carefree and happy.
By Dorothy Fisch
Date Added: Thursday 4 August 2011
very powerful
exceptionally helpful

a must for those seeking to gain the benefits of QiGong
By Stephanie Pelletier
Date Added: Friday 29 July 2011
Yes, it is fabulous. Had a knot or congestion in a shoulder for years...extremely painful...It's gone since I have been using this Qi Gong set. I can't say enough good things about it and Lee Holden.
By Beverly Griffitts
Date Added: Sunday 29 May 2011
It more than exceeded my expectations. It arrived in a timely manner.
By Gilberte Cormier
Date Added: Friday 6 May 2011
Love it...
By Phillip McGaugh
Date Added: Monday 28 February 2011
An excellent product. The five dvds supplement the cds quite nicely. This product is well worth the price. Also, the workbook is very well put together.
By Brendan Stock
Date Added: Monday 25 October 2010
After one week, I can already tell that I will be working with Qi Gong for a very long time. Having been frustrated with putting loads of time into other modalities like yoga without seeing a great deal of improvement in my emotions and physical body, the steady and real results I've developed using Lee's training course have completely invigorated me. An openminded skeptic, I find it incredibly refreshing to have not only the explanation of how to use these tools, but why as well, not to mention the positive reinforcement of feeling Qi buzzing and tingling during the sessions as well as the relaxation and happiness that permeates the rest of the day. Couldn't be happier with it!

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