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Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg has initiated peace programs in war torn areas including Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Serbia, Croatia, and Ireland. A clinical psychologist, he is the founder and director of educational services for the Center...

Customer Reviews for Speaking Peace

By jesse nickell
Date Added: Monday 22 September 2014
I find it helpful to listen to, Rosenberg has so much awareness around communication, it's great!
By Sylvia T
Date Added: Saturday 23 August 2014
I loved it! Very inspirational!! I leaned more than I imagined. Forever grateful.
By Phyllis W
Date Added: Wednesday 30 April 2014
Really beautiful !
By Lottie C
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April 2014
This is very good. I recommend it for everyone who wishes to improve their communication with everyone they come in contact with.
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June 2013
Highly inspiring and an important step forward for humankind
By Jared Blumer
Date Added: Wednesday 4 April 2012
As a community organizer and a human being trying to find peace in myself, in my relationships, and with the world, I have found this tape to be insightful and engaging. By learning Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication practices, we can truly act empathically towards anyone.
By Cecilia Olivares
Date Added: Sunday 1 May 2011
I bought this book for a very practical reason (and because I knew it would be useful in many ways): I had to participate in a meeting in which I knew there would be people I see as my enemies, people who are very aggressive, verbally abusive. I wanted to be prepared not to get angry and not to respond in the same way, and after listening to the book twice I did it. I was very happy with myself, and very grateful with Marshall Rosenberg, because I still remeber his calm voice going through the dialogues he puts as examples.
As a psycotherapist I also learned vey practical ways to manage anger which I can share with my clients.
Thank you Marshall, and thank you Sounds True for making this available to listen to. I wish I had time to read all the books I have to read, but listening to them while driving, waiting, or at the dentist has been great.
By Janine McCarthy
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011
The best book I've come across on this subject. I loved the gentle, reassuring tone of his voice and the wonderful truth in his words. Do yourself a favour and listen to this excellent audio book. I'm so glad I did.
By Isotta C
Date Added: Sunday 7 July 2013
It had many interesting anecdotes and life experiences to learn from but I wish there had been more practical advice or even exercises.

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