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David Whyte

David Whyte grew up among the hills and valleys of Yorkshire, England. A captivating speaker with a compelling blend of poetry and insightful commentary, David Whyte is one of the few...

Customer Reviews for Midlife and the Great Unknown

By jo Ann W
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
David Whyte is one of my favorite poets and has made poetry come alive for me. I especially enjoy hearing him read.
David, I love the contributions you have made toward our evolution.
By Paul K
Date Added: Wednesday 27 November 2013
David Whyte never ceases to amaze me with his brilliant insight and beautiful words...and the delivery of his poetry and comment is like listening to lovely music!
By Catherine V
Date Added: Saturday 2 February 2013
David Whyte is such a pleasure to listen to. This is a great CD. He just draws you in. Wonderful.
By Susan D
Date Added: Saturday 29 September 2012
Loved this poetry by David Whyte. I plan to order more in the future. Thanks for your attention to detail and your promptness. Susan
Date Added: Saturday 24 March 2012
It sounded a deep chord. I hope to listen to these cds many times.
By Julianne Miller-Boyer
Date Added: Tuesday 24 January 2012
Wonderful poetic wisdom, very uplifting. Love it.
By Odette S
Date Added: Saturday 8 October 2011
The language, the voice, the message that must be coming from some profound place in this poet's heart and life experience ... Thank you, David Whyte!
By Carol Wright
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
This program is one of the best I've listened to...and with David Whyte you get so much for your money. Each time I put it on I hear it in another way. I have to take notes, then slip notes between those notes when I listen again. I think I am on my fourth trip through this program.

I am thinking to give this CD set as a wedding program. I suppose the happy couple might give it a listen, think it is too thick for that happy phase, but it will haunt them.

I am please to find that at my age and experience, I have "done" lot of what he speaks of. It is very verifying. I look forward to getting some of his other audios as well, but for now, this one will suffice for a few more listenings at least. I wish it were transcribed.
By Nancy Sutton
Date Added: Tuesday 21 September 2010
This is my favorite recording in my none-too-small collection. David Whyte has an amazing ability to awaken us to our spiritual connection to the world and others. As a poet and a teacher, Whyte is unique and inspiring.
By Maria Jose de Paredes
Date Added: Wednesday 5 May 2010
I have "bathed" on this CD several times and I feel refreshed every time, discovering new insights. I love his voice, the poetry he chooses and the wisdom he is able to give. David has led the way through not one but several crisis in my life. I am very grateful and hope to hear more of him in the future.
By Francois Ronai
Date Added: Friday 30 January 2009
Midlife and the Great Unknown just pierced right into my heart and infused me with authenticity, love and appreciation for what is... I discovered David Whythe last fall during a few days passed with Byron Katie; a CD of David’s poetry was on a table next to her… I now understand why… I listened to this one a few weeks ago and will bathe in it for a second time this coming week-end… Enjoy…
By Donna Baase
Date Added: Friday 16 January 2009
You can just melt into Whyte's voice, the images are so vivid. Can I just be like the swan, yes, awkward on shore but when in its natural element, water, it glides with such grace. This is a wonderful, intelligent cd and so much better than the news. It's a 4 star for me

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