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J. Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

Krishnamurti was a world-renowned spiritual teacher whose lectures and writings have inspired thousands. He wrote more than 70 books, including This Light in Oneself, First and Last Freedom, and Beginnings of...

Customer Reviews for Truth Is a Pathless Land

By Don Lackritz
Date Added: Thursday 22 November 2012
It sounds exaggerated, but the words expressed in this unparallelled book are more valuable than any religious, philosophical or ethical treatise offered in the curriculum of the best Universities. Because they can reveal to you a clearer, less abstruse means of gaining understanding of the entirety of all intellectual problems without merely subscribing to the traditionally accepted ideologies taught in the Universities. If all of society were to understand the teachings in this wise book, (or any of the author's books or lectures for that matter), its no exaggeration that the entire world could possibly be transformed into something entirely different than it has been for time immemorial. Krishnamurti can demonstrate to you, as your starting point (since no book, teacher or religious leader can give you the solutions to any problems) the concepts that can change any individual so that he may see the whole of life and the importance of human relationships, both with society and with nature.
But this isn't merely a popularized self help book claiming to teach how to improve yourself. It can entirely change yourself for the betterment. It can teach you to begin to understand the relationship of yourself with the entirety of civilization. It can clarify for you how society itself might be transformed if only the ideas contained in this book were propagated, not as a religion, but as a guide to something much better than merely a new type of secular progressivism. Were these very same ideas instilled into all cultures to be practiced by an emerging brand new, undivided world, than wars hatred greed and all the commonly understood sins, as well as their root, fear itself, might dissolve and disappear; and this by merely its own omission from the human heart and mind. It sounds an exaggerated claim, but as they say, this book goes beyond a five star recommendation. It contains possibly the most inspiring and thought provoking words you will ever read. Words that, if taken to heart and put into practice, could remain in your mind as long as you live; and if taken seriously, can change your life and your relationships to other people altogether. Give it a thorough and well concentrated read. It will remain on your bookshelf (for re-reading) longer than any other books you cherish.
By David E. Mynott II
Date Added: Tuesday 10 August 2010
As one of the 20th century's few 'fourth degree initiates', Krishnamurti was without equal. Few human beings have done more to free the minds of men from conditioning of all kinds—particularly: fear, shame & guilt. This is one of the most important CD's that 'Sounds True' has in its collection. It is beyond 'highly recommended'.
Date Added: Saturday 29 May 2010

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