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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. His experiments involved using exact sound frequencies to make chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize...

Customer Reviews for Music for Brainwave Massage

By Claudia L
Date Added: Saturday 28 June 2014
I enjoy this CD very much and find I can use it in
the car. However, some may object to it because it
is the type of music that use to be used to put
suggestive words/ideas on a second silent track, e.g.
those used in hypnosis tapes.
By Jay P
Date Added: Sunday 18 May 2014
I am very pleased with the Brainwave Massage. I have found that it's effects have enhanced my responses to my day to day activities and increased my moment by moment experience of life. I am more calm, more aware, and more focused. I have used this product with my massage clients as well and they all have experienced positive results from the use of the Brainwave Massage sound system during the session.
By Myrna B
Date Added: Thursday 24 October 2013
I was very happywith this purchase. (As a matter of fact I've purchased several copies of this CD for gifts!) I am a malignant brain tumor/radiation survivor and am dependent upon everything I can get to prolong my survivorship. Much thank to Sound True products!
By Lori M
Date Added: Friday 18 October 2013
I really like this CD. I use it as background music to tune out thought breaking voices at my job (i.e. science/legal).

It is unobtrusive, calming, and rich sounding.

I wish there were more discs!
By Myrna Brown
Date Added: Wednesday 18 September 2013
I am very pleased with this purchase, and, in fact, have bought several to give away. I highly recommend this CD!
By N. Harris
Date Added: Friday 23 November 2012
For many years I've enjoyed Dr. Thompson's work, and recommend it highly.
By Terese McGregor
Date Added: Friday 22 June 2012
This CD puts me in a state of relaxation like no other.
By Holly McDermott
Date Added: Saturday 23 April 2011
WOW! I have been playing this in the classroom during warm-up and reading times - what a difference. It actually rattles one or two students, but the rest really settle down immediatelyand focus, focus, focus. It's made a believer out of me. Get it.
By Joanna C
Date Added: Wednesday 28 May 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this purchase

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