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Customer Reviews for Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

By Karla Jo G
Date Added: Monday 15 September 2014
I'm listening to this for the 2nd time. As always, Caroline delivers the message in an instructive, no nonsense, yet entertaining fashion.
By Elaine W
Date Added: Wednesday 2 July 2014
I'm presently using this, I just love carolines work!
By Marcia T
Date Added: Wednesday 15 January 2014
By Mark P
Date Added: Sunday 12 January 2014
Caroline drives home the point that Self-Esteem is developed through the habbit of honest observation; a simple yet difficult process.

Well worth listening to repeatedly!
By Dean P
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
I have been following Caroline Myss for a few years now. This particular series really has opened my eyes. She has a wonderful voice and way of speaking. I have already applied her suggestions and feel so much better about myself. My dream is to attend one of her courses in person and meet her directly so I can share my grattitudes for what she has helped me to achieve in my spiritual path.
By Marcia F
Date Added: Sunday 5 January 2014
I've read a few of Caroline Myss's books but there was something special in hearing her voice impart wisdom on these CD's. While listening, something finally clicked about how I have been treating myself. I'm happy to say I've begun to treat myself with the same respect I've long afforded others ;)
By Aimee C
Date Added: Sunday 29 December 2013
Amazing, will need to listen a few more times as there is so much fantastic advice and practices
By susan f
Date Added: Thursday 16 May 2013
it is a wonderful lecture. I had it on tape and needed to update to CD. It inspires me with practical issues and I had my daughter listen to it also.
It was so easy to order. Thank you
By Chloe
Date Added: Sunday 27 January 2013
On a subject I had little practical knowledge of, yet which dominated my life and the direction it took, "Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power" is a joy to listen to; an enlightening, candid, and empowering experience each time.

By Dotty Ward
Date Added: Monday 2 April 2012
An excellent product. Caroline stresses that having self-esteem is the ground work for knowing yourself.
By Joan Heenahan
Date Added: Sunday 14 August 2011
I like her work alot, so I've listened to it twice through. I find it fascinating, she hits the nail on the head all the time.
By Gail Schimmelpfennig
Date Added: Monday 16 May 2011
Excellent! Myss is a straight shooter, no fluff.
By Christi
Date Added: Monday 18 October 2010
Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power is something I can listen to over and over again. It provides encouragement and insight in a down to earth conversation that is also humorous at times. Love it!
By Donna
Date Added: Tuesday 17 August 2010
I hired an executive coach 8 years ago to help me map out my journey. A Part of the matierial I had to purchase was the Self Esteem CD's. Not only has it help me see the road blocks I placed in my life based on how I saw myself and others, but, it has truly been a source of encouragement since then. I listen to her CD's a few times a year and I referr friends and family to purchase them for their personal walk in life as well.

I'm very pleased with how I feel after I listen to them all the time. It's a easy listen. You will laugh at her comments and also go into deep thought of your own accountabilities. What touched me most about her CD's is she's very real and transparent about her own insecurities. It was very clear that no matter how successful one can be or how beautiful you are, we ALL suffer with some type of childhood, career, media influence or relationship low self-esteem.

I promise you, if you're willing to take a few minutes a day to listen to her CD, and be OPEN to change in your life, you WILL reach another level of growth.

Peace and Blessings to your new beginning.

By Debra F.
Date Added: Saturday 17 April 2010
Dear Julie:

Your review was wonderful. You were so open and honest as you spoke, I sensed no ego there at all. So you are making good choices it seems, keep up the great work! I am concerned though, you said you purchased the box set in a charity shop, (now that's interesting!) but that sides 3/4 were missing. Did you ever get the entire set? Because if you didn't, I would be honored to purchase a new, full set for you, and one for myself as well. If that's possible.

You can't listen to only half of anything and get the full meaning of it; let alone anything written by Caroline Myss!!! Many Blessings to You, and if Sounds True can allow me to purchase the new set for you, or we can agree to exchange information somehow, you can listen to the rest of the cd/download? XO
By Julie Whittlam (Sydney, Australia)
Date Added: Thursday 15 April 2010
I found the tapes in a charity shop, a four tape box set (with one missing sides 3&4) . Thank you Caroline! I do meditation, yoga and have councelling and all this supports me in my day to day life. BUT these tapes have genuinely awakened my spirit!
By Nina
Date Added: Tuesday 2 February 2010
These four CDs have been a tremendous help in attaining a greater understanding of the dynamics between people, and in achieving inner peace. Caroline Myss is a gifted and humorous speaker. Listening to her is very uplifting.
By annie t
Date Added: Friday 18 April 2014
Caroline Myss was my first intro to energy healing back in the 1980's. She had an impact then, and continues to now. Her "no BS" approach is refreshing.

Tangible and logical points fill these CD's. I am on my 3rd listening.

By Diane Zito
Date Added: Sunday 18 September 2011
This program has a lot of valuable information and is worth listening to over and over again.
By fiona knox
Date Added: Tuesday 19 April 2011
This is good. I think it puts self esteem in a whole new and very important light. I now know that I need to listen to myself more, maybe I could have used more help with how to change the habits of a lifetime. Definitely worth buying though.
By Shirley Gourgaud
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
The material presented is both commonsense and illuminating. When listening, I had many an 'ah-hah' moment. The voice is beautifully modulated which makes for easy listening. My only criticism is that I felt that each session was too long. They could have been broken up by some type of practical exercises.
By Anne Winter
Date Added: Wednesday 24 August 2011
She's a good speaker and has some interesting ideas.
By jenilee c
Date Added: Thursday 14 February 2013
i'm really happy with the cd, the content is amazing!

i was disappointed inthe cd case though; the outer case was broken and the cd's themselves come in a set of four. once i opened the packaged the inner storage case was broken thus rendering the case useless (you can't flip through the cd's, they don't stay in place in the case).

the shipping was quite fast though. but i'm truly disappointed in the shape of the product since i was under the impression that i was buying a "new" cd.

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