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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

Customer Reviews for Your Primal Nature

By Elaine W
Date Added: Wednesday 2 July 2014
Listening to Caroline Myss has helped me immensely, I've been through alot and her work has really helped me stay grounded and centered.
By Richelle M
Date Added: Saturday 3 May 2014
This beautiful, but all too brief program speaks to a part of spirituality that gets broadly overlooked in most traditions in the West. This is the path of descent, embodiment, the feminine—whatever you want to call it.

Caroline Myss's treatment is powerful and evocative and I found myself listening to it over and over again. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to ground their realization or practice.

But, I want MORE. There's far too little direction in this area.
By Suzanne I
Date Added: Thursday 1 May 2014
I'm always so grateful for any work of Caroline's I can get my hands on. This is one I had missed. Caroline speaks openly and intelligently about grounding ourselves in the rich experience of our primal nature that knows what this journey of transformation is all about.
By Lee S
Date Added: Sunday 2 February 2014
I love Carolyn's work and this is one is great also. I would suggest that the primal meditation, which I also purchased, not be sold separately since the meditation is included in this work. I suppose I should have figured that, I just thought they would compliment each other, not be duplicates.
I LOVE your company and the offerings you have.
Thank you. Blessings
By tania K
Date Added: Monday 4 November 2013
Beautiful. amazing.
By Thomas
Date Added: Wednesday 19 September 2012
I cannot in words describe the power I felt from the teachings you offered through "Your Primal Nature" as it has spoken to me so deeply. You hit the nail on the head, and you know it, girl. Thank you for this invaluable contribution, and to the spirits that bequeathed this wisdom through you. I recommend this book to anyone on their path of any origin, and progress, to take a moment to get to know "Your Primal Nature", it's worth it. I'd give it a 10 if I could.
By John Mason
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
I'd never really thought about sacred places before. This teaching really opened up a new idea for me.
By Margarida Cardoso
Date Added: Saturday 6 July 2013
it was quite disappointing; I am a big fan of Caroline Myss but I was taken aback by this work - was it a small collection of some pieces taken together for making a product? and the drumming with the invasive voice of Carolyne, what was that? What was the point? if it was to induce some sort of meditative state, why wouldn't she just shut up? I could not even finish the hearing.
By Leslie A
Date Added: Monday 18 February 2013
I'm a fan of Caroline Myss; have many of her audio programs, and her books. This audio program is good, however I am disappointed with one feature. The drumming at the beginning is awesome (with her narrative). There is also a drumming meditation at the end - approximately 15-20min (longer than the intro). It's very well-done, but in between these 2 segments, is a very long narrative about sacred places. I would think it'd be much easier for a listener to have the drumming meditation at the beginning. The way it's set up now, you have to fast forward through the hour-long talk re: sacred places, every time you want to go to the meditation.
By wendy lambert
Date Added: Tuesday 5 June 2012
For the first time I was disappointed in Caroline's usually outstanding work and was left wanting more. There is an error in the recording as well. I would have to go back and listen in order to pinpoint it exactly, but it leaves the listener hanging as Caroline asks an intriguing question with the promise of an answer that never appears.

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