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Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia Butterfly Hill is a writer, poet, and founder of the Circle of Life Foundation.She lectures across the U.S. and has appeared on CNN, the Today show, Dateline, and Oprah. Julia is the author of The Legacy of Luna and (with Jessica Hurley) One Makes the...

Customer Reviews for Spiritual Activation

By Deborah Switzer
Date Added: Saturday 22 September 2012
I loved listening to Julia, her heartfelt story; she was straight forward yet loving. Her compassion came through in her interview. When I do get to see the redwoods I will have a deeper appreciation for the trees and I send my love to Julia and Blessing to Luna
By Jeanne-Marie Aurnague
Date Added: Saturday 24 March 2012
I Love Julia Butterfly Hill...She is
truly inspirational for a healing world!
By Anne
Date Added: Monday 21 June 2010
This beautiful and brave person's message will completely rock everyone's world and awaken them to a broader and more responsible way of thinking, acting and loving. We are all active participants in the events in the world- this is a call to live responsibly and with love and awareness...
By Rob L
Date Added: Sunday 21 October 2012
I have been relistening to Disc 2, it is exellent, so I am updating my review!
By Wendy W
Date Added: Saturday 6 October 2012
I was very inspired by Julia. I am looking everyday now for ways to uplift others as this is the best gift i have to offer at this time.
By Victoria Jarvis
Date Added: Thursday 22 March 2012
I thought it was very interesting. I can't imagine doing what she did, but I admire and respect it. Very insightful
By Charlotte S
Date Added: Monday 24 September 2012
If I could only get passed the voice as I feel her voice is just too annoying to me like I am surrounded by way too many two year olds screaming and needing..very exciteable voice, which is great to have that much energy, but too much if it drains me just by listening so sorry this did not work for me.
By Rob L
Date Added: Friday 21 September 2012
She is earnest, full of vibrant energy but the actual content is low. This is mainly her story and it is inspirational but the actual take-away and applicability is low.

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