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Jean Fain

Jean Fain is a writer, licensed psychotherapist, and teaching associate in psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School). She has dedicated her work to helping others keep physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.

Customer Reviews for The Self-Compassion Diet

By Jeff Bronson
Date Added: Wednesday 20 April 2011
Very helpful and useful book. Author writes with profound knowledge, wisdom and compassion.
By Jeff Bronson
Date Added: Wednesday 20 April 2011
Extremely useful and helpful. The author writes and speaks with compassion and wisdom.
By mary bjork
Date Added: Tuesday 5 April 2011
love the book, loved the cds. Jean's voice is very relaxing. Everytime I read or listen to the cds I am able to remind myself and step back and listen to myself. thank you Jean
By Sarah
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
This CD is excellent. Just terrific. There's a sense of positive energy permeating her voice that is just very invigorating and helpful.
By Christine W
Date Added: Tuesday 18 September 2012
Very Helpful. I have the book also.
By Tr Ware
Date Added: Monday 12 December 2011
This is an audio COMPANION to the book, rather than the audiobook. It's true that her voice is strangely slow, but i really only use the audio for the self-hypnosis trances--the most important part of the book.
By Barbara C
Date Added: Wednesday 9 April 2014
I'm excited to be reading it!
By bj c
Date Added: Monday 14 January 2013
I'm sure the content of the sound downloads are as good as the book or her YouTube videos.

But I never got to find out because I could not download them in a form I could hear on my PC or ipad. The customer service woman was very patient and gave good ideas. But neither of us could figure it out. Odd. Seems like a simple matter for a sound company.
By Karen Lofthouse
Date Added: Monday 28 February 2011
This CD did not meet my expectations in the advice that I was after.
By Amy G
Date Added: Friday 5 July 2013
The CD was too slow moving and put me to sleep. I was disappointed in the CD's, and did not learn anything new.
Date Added: Tuesday 21 August 2012
The content is decent, but the reader's delivery of the material is so distracting, that although I keep trying to listen to it, I am just not able to go with the meditations and hypnosis sessions. Her annunciations on the last words don't feel natural and the audio quality makes it so you can hear all of her mouth noises. Really unpleasant when you've got headphones on. If you are sensitive to the energy and sound of people's voices, this may not work for you. I much prefer Steven Gurgevich's "Self-Hypnosis" diet. He's got a very flowy and gentle delivery of similar material.
By Rick Raab-Faber
Date Added: Monday 19 September 2011
(This refers to the audio download)
I liked the basic concept. However, the reading was absolutely awful. Jean Fain has a nice tone, but she lingers on the final syllable of every third word and pauses. Very distracting -- I was unable to listen to more than the first 20 minutes. It felt as though the author was reading the material for the first time. Sounds True should re-record this one. (Or give me a credit for a future download.) This is the first time I've been really disappointed with a Sounds True download.

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