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Gregg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. For more than two decades, he has immersed himself in researching global spiritual wisdom and ancient texts. He has appeared on the...

Customer Reviews for Gregg Braden’s Music from the Divine Matrix

By Denise Gant
Date Added: Wednesday 25 July 2012
I've had this one close to a year now and I continue to love every minute of it. I look forward to more Braden compilations!!
By Ursula Heiseler
Date Added: Wednesday 2 November 2011
AWESOME music -
HIGHLY recommend it !!!!
By Pam
Date Added: Thursday 13 October 2011
This is definitely feel-good music reminiscent of the '60s when I was in college.
By jan
Date Added: Monday 5 September 2011
one of my new favorite CDs... I love this .. TY Gregg for pulling this together..and, waiting for an encore!
By poisonivy
Date Added: Wednesday 6 April 2011
Loved this! Interested in doing a Collective Consciousness/Metaphysical/Ancient Archeological Coast to Coast~esk radio show on www.rukusradio.com We play tunes of all genres with Complete disregard for the mainstream. Would love to play some tunes and maybe even get a Braden interview. Namaste ;)
By Beverly Miller
Date Added: Tuesday 29 March 2011
Greg Braden's music is wonderfully relaxing and healing of stress from every day life.
By Anna Izabel
Date Added: Monday 28 March 2011
Today my heart found some peace in urs samples 5,6! Trying to solve this Ocacle Puzzle!
From:Brazil To:Gregg
By Frederic
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
I absolutely love this compilation, it`s in my MP3 player each morning going to work. It's helping to be center in our heart and it is a beautiful journey!
By Mary
Date Added: Monday 7 February 2011
Wonderful! I Love this...so happy I co-created getting this in my computer!!! Thanks so much Gregg:)
By Thunderwolf007
Date Added: Monday 20 December 2010
Being and living the true experience of energy becoming what it thinks about! Thanks for being a human I am little extracelestial so i appreciate pure hu8mans. Thanks
By Jill Ledet
Date Added: Saturday 11 December 2010
Very Awsome
By Xanthe Ashton
Date Added: Sunday 29 July 2012
Love it! Very relaxing to listen to
By Amy
Date Added: Saturday 13 August 2011
Some of it is exquisitely uplifting and calming, some of is merely repetitive and boring. I love everything Gregg Braden writes and has to say, but I'm surprised to say that his musical tastes don't resonate with me.

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