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Robert Anton Wilson, PhD (1932-2007) was a prolific writer, philosopher, and futurist. After receiving his degree in electrical engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnical, he received his PhD in psychology from Hawthorne College. He is known best for his many books, which include...

Customer Reviews for Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything

By Oleg C
Date Added: Monday 1 July 2013
The interview with Robert Anton Wilson went far beyond my expectations, he was a very intelligent man despite being somewhat eccentric.

His view about language and how "a change in language changes our apprehension of the cosmos" was very thought provoking.
By robert walls
Date Added: Thursday 26 May 2011
RAWilson.....wonderfully amazing cerebral journey.......a very comprhensive collector of social events over the last 60 years.......missing him already.......
Thanks SOUNDSTRUE for your services....................OmShanti

By Steph
Date Added: Tuesday 17 August 2010
Oh, Bob, you're sorely missed. This CD set is a real treasure, full of bits of wisdom and snippets of RAW's humour.

Bob covers most of the topics dear to his heart and impressive intellect, from quantum physics to the fungibility of conspiracy theories and guerilla ontology to Aleister Crowley.

Whether you've read any of RAW's books or not, these interviews are well worth your time. I've made plenty of new RAW fans over the years via these cds and they've enhanced many a road trip. The interviewer is terrific and sparks tangents in his subject without directing the conversation too much.

Highly recommended.
By Lance Miller
Date Added: Friday 14 May 2010
Wonderful insights from a kindred soul!
By Jed Dysentrope
Date Added: Sunday 4 August 2013
"Old Bob" works his linguistic alchemy with characteristic flair, and I enjoyed it. Of particular interest is his exposition of the merits of General Semantics, especially as delineated by Alfred Korzybski, in his 1933 opus "Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics".
RAW is the wise and irreverent great-uncle I wish I had grown up listening to. Thanks to Sounds True for bringing this extended interview to my ears.
Slack Be Thine!

By Steve M
Date Added: Saturday 2 October 2010
Great interview for anyone interested in Robert Anton Wilson.

The packaging on mine promises: "This collectors edition also includes 3 classic Robert Anton Wilson lectures: The Acceleration of Knowledge, The New Inquisition, and Religion for the Hell of It."
NONE of which appears on any of the disks.
UPC #'s
6-00835 05742-4
"Sounds True" made a misprint on the box or messed up at the plant. Any chance of offering this content to those of us who bought this edition as a download?

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