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Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a transdenominational community in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership, and an international speaker and teacher...

Customer Reviews for The Answer Is You

By Sharon H
Date Added: Saturday 12 October 2013
Great content, great speaker, timeless truths by which I guide my life. Thank you, Rev. Michael!
By Trevor Whittall
Date Added: Sunday 17 July 2011
Love to listen to Michael. Feel the bous interview CD really enlightenig
By LadyStynnett
Date Added: Wednesday 20 April 2011
Read the book 3 x's from cover to cover, I had the hoor of having my wedding officiated by this Amazing Spiritual teacher & for anyone to call him anything but authentic truly highlights those who miss the point of Rev. Michael's teachings and inspirations allll together. This Book is a MUST read for those seeking True Spiritual Liberation!
By Maurice Dekatt
Date Added: Friday 8 April 2011
Nice, Powerful, Easy to follow
By Sandy
Date Added: Saturday 5 March 2011
I experienced the Beckwith's and their beautiful Agape choir in Palm Springs in ?2006 I think. I stayed and stayed every night singing and experiencing with the music and the message. It's all for individual good for each of us. Just try it, you'll see a miracle.
By Gretchen V.
Date Added: Tuesday 1 March 2011
I am in awe of Dr. Michael Beckwith's gifts - he has such God given healing abilities which he passes onto the people around him and those who hear his spoken word. I am so grateful for your uplifting reminders of how loved we truly are. Thank you! Looking forward to reading The Answer Is You!
By dena d
Date Added: Thursday 17 February 2011
Michael has a beautiful, way of breaking down the deepest, most complex topics and articulating them in such a way that is not only understandable on a personal level, it is also acceptable to a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs.
"True Abundance" (cd) is always in my car. I have played it dozens of times while I drive (the teaching part...not the meditations). "Life Visioning Process" and Spiritual Liberation are among my favorites too. Profound. Empowering!
Michael, may you be blessed a Billion fold for the kind and loving work that you gracefully share! ~blessings~
By Dorothy Lyles
Date Added: Saturday 5 February 2011
Michael Beckwith is one of the best Teachers of New Thought/Ancient Wisdom on the planet. You don't have to take his word try it out for yourself and then you will know what he teaches is TRUE.
By Barbara F
Date Added: Tuesday 1 February 2011
Have been a member for over 17 yrs and the Rev's message (as some have mentioned) is rewrapped and rewound in various ways attempting to inspire us thru repetition in person, written word/workbooks or CDs that we all come from God, we are all Divine and are ALL ONE! I always come away with a greater awareness of my own divinity and tools to assist me in awakening to my purpose.
As some detractors have chimmed in to denegrate his work and message and seem to be happy that a Spiritual Center that has made a difference in thousands of people's lives is currently having some struggles is quite sad. Let me add that I am not aware of many Spiritual Centers/Churches/Temples or Mosques that haven't experienced some economic challenges during the last few years.
For those who revel in this temporary financial short fall for Agape or any one group or individual - I will add you to my prayers as I'm sure Michael will as well. Namaste
By Christopher
Date Added: Thursday 27 January 2011
Powerful and True. This message stands the test of time, and is very empowering and Spiritually uplifting. I noticed the negative reviews here have to do with individuals, attitudes toward MB and his church...I though this was a review regarding "The Answer is You"... I would give it 6 stars if I could.
By Tony Beach
Date Added: Sunday 16 January 2011
Motivating, empowering, makes you wanna move to action! Awesome words and so powerful...What matters is that you dedicate yourself to being a little better today than you were yesterday!
Tony Beach
By Sam Hancook
Date Added: Friday 14 January 2011
MB your an amazing teacher, Thank You, thank you for the "spirit wake up call". Beyond the ego lives a beautiful playground of fulfillment... thanks for the directions!
By Steve
Date Added: Friday 14 January 2011
Waking Up Your True Potential is something that everyone needs to welcome into their 2011 journey!
By Denise Lidell
Date Added: Thursday 13 January 2011
I've only heard Michael speak once and he was excellent...inspiring, fully inspiriational. I am sure that anything he offers will be uplifting and will take you to a higher place...a place you want to be.
By Tallison
Date Added: Tuesday 11 January 2011
Dr. Michael Beckwith is true living luminary on this planet now. He see's the light within each one of us. It is sad that some choose to focus on the dark side. As Einstein said "there is no darkness...it is an illusion...there is only the absence of light from man's heart. Michael Beckwith knows wealth beyond money. Spiritual Liberation is profound as is Micheal himself. He truly is a vehicle for God.
By Rosa Addison
Date Added: Tuesday 11 January 2011
Spiritual Liberation...very invoking and inspiring book for me. Rev Beckwith is an instrument, as us all, being used by the Source of all Creation. We are all instruments of the Great One. Rev Beckwith made a choice to set himself free! We all have the same potential to step out and claim Your freedom. Something that we already are. Thank you Rev Beckwith for making the choice to make a difference right where You are. And So It Is....Amen, Hetep!
By lesa c.
Date Added: Saturday 8 January 2011
So thankful for messengers like Mr. Beckwith who help open us to God's love and help us to see our connection to everyone in a way that causes us to truly love others and to see the beauty in all of god's creation because we are ALL part of god- not just those who sit in a pew at a particular church every Sunday waiting for salvation. It is so sad and disheartening what religion has done to some people -they believe the only way to get people to do right is to fill them with fear of damnation in hell's eternal flames! It isn't very godly to preach a religion that separates us from god and all of our brothers. I am so thankful for Michael Beckwith and others like him who have spoken out and helped those of us who have always a loving god who does not require our obedience or worship and would not have us fear him. When you understand the true "new age" message - you understand that it is filled with love and compassion for EVERYONE- not just a select few who meet the necessary requirements. It is a truly loving message.
By Robin Gray
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
That's just the thing he is so not what you think; he gravitates to his own love and it goes out and comes in. The bank of America may be going broke but Michael Bernard Beckwith will never be "broke" he is spiritually Wealthy and there is the power which haters cannot divide into dollars.
By Dafina K.
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
Charlii's comment feels very personal. Perhaps, he’s got a crush on Rickie. She’s a looker! A lil "Spiritual Liberation" which, by the way, is an exceptional book, may do just the trick!

“The Answer Is You” is a great affirmation that simply means when we seek, ask for divine assistance, the answer is revealed to us within us. Michael points out that we search high and low, go here and there, but the answer resides within. His book is a like an atlas, with maps to show you your way back home. I enjoy this book and like the size of it as it fits snugly in my purse, allowing me to refer to it when needed.

Michael is teaching what he has learned, change your mindset, change your life. I've seen it work within me. We are the answer. The peace piece starts first within. Good work, Michael
By Bertha Singleton Ward
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
Definitely liberating and very inspiritional, I am reminded of all
the good we seek is seeking us.
I have Dr. Michael Beckwith life
visioning CD's, True Abundance,
Your Soul Evolution, Worship Music by his wife, all to my betterment, enlighten, it is all
GOOD! Thanks
By Frederick Penn
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
I love the excerpt. You're sincere, loving and truthful. Your words are powerful.

Thank you
By Douglas Neer
Date Added: Friday 7 January 2011
Just wanted to be the first.....joking....ah no I'm not...but will say Michael's book Spiritual Liberation was a HOME RUN....Will be purchasing Waking Up...
By Michelle Bishop
Date Added: Tuesday 26 April 2011
I really like this program. However, the download was a bit funky. Unable to start & stop, resume. Would be much better if there were tabs to keep track of what I have listened to already vs. having to hear it from the beginning each time and/or fast forward.
By Luke
Date Added: Saturday 8 January 2011
A good, practical item. Michael as always speaks from the heart. He is engaging, passionate, inspirational and sincere. I recommend it to anyone.

By Aylin
Date Added: Thursday 24 January 2013

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