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John P. Milton

John P. Milton is a pioneering spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman. His vision quest and shamanic work began in the 1940's. Since the 1950's, thousands of people have sought his powerful yet gentle qigong and meditation instruction, Sacred...

Customer Reviews for Sky Above, Earth Below

By Roy B
Date Added: Monday 12 August 2013
I love the practices in this audio program and would like to share them!!! There are many helpful practices on this program from different spiritual traditions that help you connect with nature in a deeper way. Some of my favorites were the rainbow light meditation, the reciprocal breathing practice done with a tree, the tonglen meditation and the various qigong practices. I feel like I've been looking for something like this for all of my life. Hopefully this review will help in some small part to encourage people to buy, listen to and practice this.
By Kelli Schaber
Date Added: Thursday 29 March 2012
Love it! John S. Milton is an incredible teacher with so much knowledge to share and inspire!

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