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Meir Schneider

Meir Schneider Ph.D, L.M.T. is an internationally known therapist and teacher, and the founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco. Meir is the author of Self-Healing: My Life and Vision; the coauthor of the Handbook of Self-Healing, both...

Customer Reviews for Yoga for Your Eyes

By Alberta B
Date Added: Saturday 5 October 2013
I have not had time to watch the dvd but if it is anywhere near as good as the booklet which comes with it -- The booklet contains exercises or massages which are so completely relaxing. Like heaven. Every time I think of watching the dvd, I do the massage/exercise instead.
By Barbara L
Date Added: Sunday 2 June 2013
I do like the explanations and exercises. If I will take the time to do them, I think they will be helpful for my eyes. When I tried them, I could feel a big relaxation of my muscles and therefor I experienced an improved vision, after doing the exercises. Can recommend it.
By Lowell T
Date Added: Friday 27 September 2013
Some interesting information but disappointing overall. This is very rare from SoundTrue.
By Melody Moyer
Date Added: Wednesday 4 May 2011
Followed the first few exercises and several weeks later I still have flashes of light when I look to the left - something I did not have before. Would not recommend.

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