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Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield, PhD, trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, Burma, and India and has taught worldwide since 1974. He is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practices to the West. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology and is the co-founder of the Insight...

Customer Reviews for After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

By Michael S
Date Added: Wednesday 30 July 2014
Loving this program.
By Kate
Date Added: Wednesday 28 November 2012
Great information on our humanness on the spiritual path. His voice is so soothing and the message, I found, went deep inside to a place that needed to hear, we are all on the path and there are challenges for all of us. So often I have thought of how Buddhist teachers are so far above where I am. I felt like the student in school sitting in the back row. It was nice to think of all of us in the front rows, as equals, sitting at the feet of the Buddha.
By Vicki Elyse A
Date Added: Monday 1 October 2012
You just can't go wrong with anything from Jack Kornfield.
By Mary M
Date Added: Thursday 20 September 2012
I read the book years ago, and recently bought the
audio book. I have listened to it 9 times just in the
past 2 1/2 weeks. Every time I hear something new and am continually amazed at the wisdom. I love this
book. Can see how much I have grown and still need to. Jack Kornfield is wonderful!
By Theresa Heroff
Date Added: Thursday 26 July 2012
I listen to the audio book when driving into work each morning. It really prepares me for a busy day, and reminds me to pay attention! Thank you, Jack Kornfield, I am so happy that a friend recommended your work.
By Nancy J Farrell
Date Added: Tuesday 3 July 2012
Love having the book and the book on CD. This is a once a year read!
By Mary Latela
Date Added: Wednesday 4 January 2012
Eager to listen and learn!
By Connie Donaldson
Date Added: Tuesday 3 January 2012
No Mickey Mouse, no kidding --- this is the very best CD for people who have experienced a wondrous spiritual breakthrough and now must face day-to-day life again.
Gentle, thought provoking, detailed, and spot on. I've already ordered more to give to friends.
Thank you!
By deborah bernard
Date Added: Tuesday 3 January 2012
love it very inclusive of many
cultures and religions
By Victoria Jarvis
Date Added: Saturday 31 December 2011
I have enjoyed all of the CD's I have listened to by Jack Kornfield. many amazing things from his teachings. Looking forward to the interaction meditation next month. Thank you too, or all that you do to get this information out to all seekers.
By Mary Jo Drueke
Date Added: Monday 19 December 2011
The illustration via storytelling is wonderful. Jack Kornfield continues to illuminate the path in this work.
By Jolanka Muratovic
Date Added: Sunday 18 December 2011
Listening to the cd,made my life more acceptable for it has confirmed my experiences as a reality of life.Thank you
By Maureen Lucas
Date Added: Friday 30 September 2011
Don't miss this if you have not heard it before. These teaching stories cover many paths, various faiths and multiple teachers. The value of persistence, self-kindness and patience come through time and again in these stories and teaching. Wonderful!
By Susan Carstens
Date Added: Thursday 22 September 2011
By rosalita crespin
Date Added: Saturday 19 March 2011
still savoring the other teachings by Jack Kornfield..have not done laundry..still sorting..but (as with all others) will not be disappointed..THANK YOU ALL!
By Matt
Date Added: Saturday 19 December 2009
I loved the hard copy book and now I can enjoy the book again on the go. While it is an abridged version of the hard copy book, everything I found most useful and insightful of the book is in this digital version. The content is so rich, it is something I continually need to read over and over. Listening to it now helps to get that same epiphany experience when I am on the go or just need to relax in the evening.

My Yoga teacher (who studied with Kornfield) introduced me to this book and it is an essential text in my library of spiritual growth and travel. I highly recommend this book and the audiobook.
By sheldon f
Date Added: Sunday 5 May 2013
a delightful background of experience and character development from a psychologist who reaches out to people with his personal views and history.
By Wendy W
Date Added: Saturday 6 October 2012
the many stories of others in their search the beautiful and the difficult are reminders of our shared human-ness. The many ways to reach some kind of "inlightenment" are sketched out as signs we too can follow.
By Lestlie Prokosch
Date Added: Thursday 13 October 2011
Really love this one, a favorite.
By Ronald K
Date Added: Monday 13 October 2014
Reasonably good; I liked the message on CD # six, which defined "Ordinary Enlightenment" as being true to yourself while accepting what is. I stuck around to the end at CD #eight hoping for clues to "extraordinary enlightenment," but no luck.

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