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Peter A. Levine, PhD, has spent 45 years studying and treating stress and trauma. He holds a doctorate degree in medical biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley and in psychology from International University. He is the developer of Somatic Experiencing®, a...

Customer Reviews for The Healing Trauma Online Course

By Dixie B
Date Added: Saturday 19 July 2014
I have tried many things to get relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so I got a lot of relief right away. My trauma began as an infant of violent parents. I was too young to remember the details , so I really liked the fact that this did not require me to talk about the details. I loved this and recommend it to others who need it.
By Judy T
Date Added: Saturday 1 March 2014
A Brilliant And Comprehensive Course That Delivers Everything It Promises And More!
By Julie K
Date Added: Saturday 4 January 2014
A dynamic program with cutting edge techniques and beautiful narratives, showcasing the body's ability to heal and release trauma. As a trauma therapist, I find this work to be lyrical, engaging, and enlivening in all ways. Dr. Levine is quite possibly one of the most gifted professionals of our time. I would highly encourage other healing professionals from all disciplines to pursue this work, for themselves and for their clients. Expansion into our true potentials following the unique healing templates laid down by our bodies is a gift that is within us all. May we unwrap this present for heartfelt presence.
By Viola G
Date Added: Friday 8 February 2013
Listening to this book inspired me to purchase Peter Levine's book "In an Unspoken Voice," but you can use this audio book to develop and practice skills for healing your own trauma. Excellent work.
By Dianne Curran
Date Added: Wednesday 19 October 2011
Exceptional & compassionate & led me to look for a therapist trained by Peter Levine. But I regularly check in with the course in between sessions to remind me that this work goes beyond the rational mind. Thank you Sounds True for the wonderful service you provide.
By marguerite albers
Date Added: Thursday 28 July 2011
This is an excellent course. It helped me begin to understand how trauma effects me psychologically and somatically. Dr. Levine presents the material with great compassion and ease of understanding for the average layperson. I hope he presents more material in this online format.
By Heather Wright
Date Added: Friday 20 August 2010
I am very grateful and excited that Sounds True and Dr. Peter Levine are offering this on-line program. What a rare opportunity to learn directly from the founder of Somatic Experiencing (SE) himself. As a client, student and now 2nd year practitioner of SE, I know it to be a profound path to deep healing and personal transformation--far beyond anything offered to me by other therapies, even the best of them such as EMDR and Hakomi. Because SE works with the natural processes of the nervous system to discharge unprocessed overwhelming experiences, the client is able to resolve the deep bodily trauma of PTSD that disregulates all aspects of life such as sleep, digestion, and memory. It is able to reach into and resolve pre-verbal birth trauma and unconscious (such as anesthesia) events that conventional talk therapy generally can't access. I recommend Dr. Levine's books and CDs to all of my clients.
By Marie-Paule P
Date Added: Monday 28 October 2013
Interesting program but Mr. Levine talks about some material that isn't included in the course I bought!!!
By Katharine Ayers
Date Added: Friday 4 March 2011
By Lori C
Date Added: Monday 30 December 2013
i was disappointed by this. It said there was 7 hrs or so and since I could not get any video to load I got 2 hrs of audio. Your site says you refund with no questions asked, but when I wrote to you with that request I got a response that says my email was received. I asked to be notified when the refund was complete and I never heard from you again nor did I get a refund. Very disappointed by seemingly false advertising.
By Rebecka Darling-Darren
Date Added: Wednesday 14 August 2013
This course would be outstanding...if it weren't for the seriously inadequate IT that accompanies it. Videos won't play. Nor will they download. Notes you make do not save, despite you receiving messages they have saved. Your workbook answers don't save (a particularly traumatic experience - after you delve into your deepest sorest self to write your answers to some of Peter's penetrating questions..to save...get a message the save has been successful...and then five seconds later, all your private, personal, hard-come-by answers are nowhere to be found. Gotta be honest here and say I found the IT elements of this course caused me more trauma! Nonetheless I stuck with it for over two months, but the in the end, nothing improved and I found the process of re-doing and re-doing those traumatic answers only to lose them, too heartbreaking to continue. SoundsTrue advise they are aware of the problem, it doesnt occur consistently, and they havent yet found out a way to fix it. They gave me a full refund. But who cares, I would have just preferred a course that delivered Peter's Outstanding work in a way that made it comfortable and easy (not traumatic!) for me to use the information and perhaps start healing some more.
By Helena E
Date Added: Thursday 25 April 2013

Thank you for asking for a review.

Actually, I am not totally happy. There were a few sessions that cut out and took away from the experience. I would like to know what can be done in this situation. Either I would like to receive a clear session to hear it fully or some sort of compensation please.

I greatly appreciate anything you can do in this situation.

I would happily change my review based on the outcome.

Warm regards,

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