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Ram Dass first went to India in 1967. He was still Dr. Richard Alpert, an already eminent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr.Timothy Leary. He continued his psychedelic research until that fateful Eastern trip in 1967, when he traveled to India. In India, he...

Customer Reviews for Love, Service, Devotion, and the Ultimate Surrender

By StarDust
Date Added: Sunday 18 May 2014
I've listened to this 12-hour recording twice in the last 20 days. It is safe to say that I endorse it.
By Brudge Hopkins
Date Added: Sunday 12 May 2013
Amazing stuff!
By Dean M
Date Added: Friday 29 March 2013
Fantastic! Simply Fantastic!
By Colleen F
Date Added: Thursday 28 March 2013
Ram Dass is an excellent teacher...full of insight and touched with humor. I wish he had more on the market.
By Patricia Beattie
Date Added: Tuesday 4 September 2012
I have just finished my second listening and found it more and more relevant to my life and to the broad themes of the Bhagavad Gita (if not a line by line examination). Yes he does get carried away with recounting his psychedelic experiences from time to time but ultimately his humanity saves him. The final summary is a tour de force.
By carlos latorre
Date Added: Thursday 5 July 2012
My review for Ram Dass is 5 stars because i love the stories he tells about the 60s and the 70s and his experiences in India with his Guru. Also the clarity and intellect that Rams delivers on these cds is precisely what i was expecting.
By Joseph Munshaw
Date Added: Wednesday 4 July 2012
Early Ram Dass in a very high teaching. We're fortunate to have this preserved and available with such goodcsound quality.
By Kathryn Fiske
Date Added: Thursday 28 June 2012
No one had ever "taught" the Bhagavad Gita in a more accessible way than I experience with Ram Dass. It is beautifully expressed, with only the deepest compassion for all our humanity and our struggle to understand the "root of it all", whatever that is for each of us.
By David Sykes
Date Added: Monday 6 February 2012
Thank you for providing my all time favorite comprehensive introduction to world spirituality on CD.

My only concern is that the original class at Naropa had fourteen sessions, and I have not yet had time to find out what was omitted.

Outside of that concern, this program gets my five star rating. I think this is Ram Dass at his considerable best.

Dave Sykes
By Gavin Hartley
Date Added: Wednesday 24 August 2011
YAY -- this one i did receive and absolutely love it.
Thank You
By Roxanne Seitz
Date Added: Friday 6 July 2012
I took several workshops with Ram Dass. I guess he was my first cosmic consciousness teacher. So I'm not objective: more like an old friend, I guess. There may be better teachers out there for me. I do listen to any Ram Dass tapes/CDs every so often.
By Margaret Townroe
Date Added: Monday 8 August 2011
This is a truly wonderful program especially for those, who like me, love Ram Dass and also for anyone new to the archives of his teachings I find this program brings to life the essence of the Bhagavad Gita for Westerners - providing context, interpretation and ways to make these ancient teachings beautifully and sometimes humorously relevant to now.
It really deserves 10 or more stars for content and is perfect if you always want to play these CDs using a CD player. I am dropping this program rating to four stars rather than the maximum five because on a computer each CD comes up as "Audio CD" with no titles. You have to manually put in the track titles if you want to put it on your iPod.

The customer services at Sounds True were very helpful and sympathetic when I emailed to check if my set was faulty. They sent me a PDF track list which saved some time so I could cut and paste each track title in. I found out that having a replacement would not have helped because the sets of CDs in the warehouse were also not compatible with Gracenote track-listing on iTunes. I feel that this program is well worth spending a "labour of love" afternoon setting in the track names iTunes for your iPod.
By Susan Curtiss
Date Added: Tuesday 12 July 2011
I thought this series was misrepresented. I did not realize it was talks from the height of the drug explorations or so biographical about Ram Dass' drug use. I had hoped for more discussion of the Bhagavad Gita itself. Ram Dass has had such an evolution and finally been able to see and share the essence of spiritual love consciousness. This Naropa trip was mental, self focused and had a hard edge. So much kind of spiritually sophomoric advice and so many concepts. Of course it filled a gap in Western minds' understanding at the time, but it was so dated. Decidedly disappointing.
By Karla Decker
Date Added: Sunday 17 April 2011
The quality of the product was excellent.
By Deborah Clow
Date Added: Friday 4 November 2011
I agree that there is a lot more repetition of Ram Dass's old stories about his days as a Harvard renegade and India guru than any kind of deep or thorough investigate of the Bagavad Gita.
By Deborah Clow
Date Added: Friday 4 November 2011
The material is vintage Ram Dass, how could it not be great, but I thought I was downloading material that I could then upload on CDs, and play in my car, but instead, this material can only be listened to through an MP3 player. Very disappointing.

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