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Margot Anand

Margot Anand is a student of world mystical practices, particularly the role of sexuality in sacred traditions. Her bestselling book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy helped introduce Western readers to the science of tantra and the cosmic relationship between...

Customer Reviews for Art of Sexual Magic

By Daniela Rose
Date Added: Tuesday 9 October 2012
I have had copies of Margot Anands books for many years but this audiobook has brought them alive. I feel like I am being guided by my own personal tantra teacher, and she is the inspiring Margot Anand. The mystical rituals and meditations, when guided from her voice, became effortless, natural and very powerful. After I finished the meditation to find my power symbol to represent sexual healing, I felt transformed. This audiobook is a gift on my journey in tantra.
By Dean McCormick
Date Added: Friday 23 March 2012
Fantastic, useful content. I downloaded the mp3s and then tried to burn them onto CDs so I could play them in my car. My only complaint was that the last mp3 was over 80 minutes long so I had to download software to cut it in half. It was too long for 1 CD.

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