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Customer Reviews for African Lullaby

By Sallie M
Date Added: Saturday 26 October 2013
Delightful quality recording of beautiful voices that uplift and soothe our spirits and open our hearts with the sounds of love.
By Thomas G
Date Added: Tuesday 9 April 2013
The songs are lovely and serene, and the musicianship is of a very high quality. It's excellent in all respects. I'm enjoying it very much because it's just the quiet, relaxing material I was looking for.
By Olivia L
Date Added: Thursday 28 March 2013
Date Added: Saturday 22 September 2012
So beautiful, buy it for yourself even if lullabies are not something you need.
By sf-rob
Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
Outstandingly beautiful lullabies for calming parents and babies alike. Get the CD for the liner notes with original lyrics, translations, and more.
By Gregory P
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
I love it, very different to any music I have and I think it would be a great way for a child to fall asleep to. it is happy, fun and uplifting music, at the same time the music seems to encompass being nurtured too.
By David M
Date Added: Saturday 6 April 2013
Very nice and comforting. The performers are often slightly off-tune, which should bother only sensitive ears like mine, but I don't mind so much because most of the interpretations appeal to me anyway.
By Linda M
Date Added: Friday 28 September 2012
I love to listen to this cd while going to sleep.
By Karen S
Date Added: Friday 21 September 2012
Disappointed - not in the authenticity of the pieces, but the tunes themselves not the African music I had hoped for.

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