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Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating...

Customer Reviews for Falling into Grace

By Bonita M
Date Added: Monday 7 April 2014
Very insightful and helpful.
By Sasha W
Date Added: Wednesday 2 April 2014
This is a wonderful program. Really impactful because he goes to the real source of what keeps us from experiencing happiness.
By Smadar T
Date Added: Tuesday 31 December 2013
By Richard S
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
As will all of Adyashanti work, it talk is great.
By Toni E
Date Added: Wednesday 4 December 2013
It is a pleasure to own these files. Adya is a fantastic teacher/human being.
By Elaine H
Date Added: Friday 15 March 2013
This is an amazing program; I have listened to it continually since I've recieved it (I'm on my 3rd cycle). There is just so much in it, that I hear something new everytime I listen!
By jane asari w
Date Added: Monday 28 January 2013
Very deep. So deep it is very simple. Takes time to begin to understand. A valuable tool for my living. Thank you.
By Genevieve D
Date Added: Thursday 3 January 2013
My first time listening to Adyashanti and it has surpassed my expectations.
By Linda R
Date Added: Tuesday 1 January 2013
My son and I both enjoy all his books and CDs. He puts into words things that were bothering me---how people can use rigid rituals to NOT develop, all the while thinking they were getting somewhere. He points out some very vital things. While I have come to know that ritual or form can be good for setting up the energy and staying in the present, it can also be misused to avoid the present!
By Mark W
Date Added: Saturday 29 December 2012
As always, Adya's teachings are clear, compelling and profound.
By Patricia L
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
I have totally enjoyed this! I have the book which I read several years ago, but listening to this is refreshing and I am hearing things as if for the first time. Though I don't consider myself an aural learner, (I bought this for a long car trip and was a bit ambivalent about the purchase before hand) I am surprised at how much I am getting out of this. It is always good to go back to the 'basics' ---which is after all the bedrock. I strongly recommend for beginners and those with a lot of experience.
By Naomi L
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
Adyashanti is great! He is easy to listen to and easy to understand. I think my soul is tickled pink that I am listening to this CD.
By Pilar S
Date Added: Sunday 23 December 2012
Gentle, loving and free
By Elaine H
Date Added: Sunday 23 December 2012
This was just excellent and came at the right time in my life!
By Kaelin Kelly
Date Added: Saturday 2 June 2012
Adyashanti continues to provide much food for thought. I love his teachings!
By paul lafontaine
Date Added: Monday 16 April 2012
I've been following Eckhart Tolle for a few years now and Adyashanti every bit as brilliant.
By Teresa Cordova
Date Added: Saturday 21 January 2012
Excellent, thank you, Namaste!
By lisbeth wejdemann
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
I have enjoyed my purchase very much and I look forward to new releases from Adyashanti
By Sandra Gourd
Date Added: Sunday 24 July 2011
I love listening to Adyashanti's insights and experiences on the awakening process.
By Tom Grenier
Date Added: Monday 18 July 2011
Superb! I really liked the previous audio books by Adyashanti, but he well outdoes himself with this one. I have not yet finished listening to Falling Into Grace, I’m about 2/3rds through. It is so packed with clear insight that after about 15 minutes I like to let what was just listened to have some time to be absorbed.
By Mireya M
Date Added: Thursday 5 June 2014
Yes, I love Adya but i do have a question. I thought this was going to be an audio book is there one? I guess i got confused because the art work is the book cover.
By Kristen
Date Added: Sunday 9 March 2014
The content is great but I have to admit I didn't finish it because I found the voice of the narrator really hard to listen to, it just irritated me. Wish I'd bought it as a paper or e-book rather than audio. His ideas are wonderful but not in this format for me...
By Joyce G
Date Added: Sunday 9 February 2014
I find Adyshanti difficult to listen to because his voice is rather monotone. I'm sure there is much wonderful material in this program, but I still have not listened to the whole thing.
By James Jackson
Date Added: Friday 23 September 2011
A hodgepodge of misunderstood buddhism and new age beliefs. Neither practical nor spiritually helpful.

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