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A lifelong interest in the nature of consciousness and the mechanics of personal choice has inspired David Ison to create dozens of musical meditation offerings. His critically acclaimed albums The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance,...

Customer Reviews for Chakra Healing Music

By Happy Customer
Date Added: Saturday 25 May 2013
Well worth the investment. I just listened to it for the first time, and I found it very relaxing. Thank you for creating this CD.
By Mary P
Date Added: Sunday 3 February 2013
This is my first music review. I was looking for music that would help me with my alaignment of my chakra's in healing music as I am battling brain/nervous system cancer. I am very happy with my purchase. I'm looking forward to playing this more often if not nearly everyday to just meditate and to just take me away from the pain I am enduring. Thank you Sounds True for being here for me and so many others!
By Barbara B
Date Added: Saturday 25 August 2012
I love, love, love this CD. I have it on my computer now along with his other CD I have and I listen to them almost everyday if I am working or relaxing. I really can't say how wonderful this is and am so glad to have purchased it.
By Robert
Date Added: Thursday 19 July 2012
Great experience!
I did find all the pertinent info & pdf downloads at Ison's web page.
Thank You ;>
By donna Whitlock
Date Added: Wednesday 9 November 2011
Very relaxing and beautiful music. Listen closely the first time.
By JoAnn Antoszewski
Date Added: Monday 10 October 2011
Great meditative piece of music. It is also calming background music.
By Melissa Little
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
Great music for yoga meditation or simply chilling out!
By Jay Dancing Bear
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
Ison rocks.
By Megan Norquay
Date Added: Sunday 2 October 2011
Ahhh a lovely mix of healing music and I use it in my clinic often while giving holistic pulsing. Thank you
By Dale Ayton
Date Added: Sunday 27 November 2011
I enjoy these pieces; I don't love all types of meditation music, but these are very soothing. I often listen as I fall asleep...
By Susan DeNicola
Date Added: Friday 23 September 2011
A relaxing and refreshing way to connect to the stream of cosmic energy.
By Rhee Lyon
Date Added: Sunday 14 August 2011
Nice music to help you fall asleep. Does it heal? Well, sleep heals, so you'll be ahead that way. I've never heard the entire record but hope it penetrates subliminally.
By fulbia
Date Added: Sunday 6 May 2012
I like the music but the instruction were necessary to have a better result.
By Sister Sheila Long
Date Added: Wednesday 28 September 2011
It was hard to figure out where he's going specifically with this music without the guide that goes with the CD, and which I was unable to download. I'm sure it's very profound, but it's hard to get there with just the music CD and no explanations.
By Robin Hunt
Date Added: Saturday 25 February 2012
I couldn't find the guide to this music and had a difficult time knowing where this was going. It was bright and refreshing.....and that's about all I can say. I'll try it again, but I think it was a waste of money.
By jani kendy
Date Added: Monday 26 September 2011
i was very disappointed with this CD. i regret even paying $5 for it! perhaps the more costly chakra healing set is valid, but this was not even enjoyable to listen to.

going to the artist's web site was also not informational. the free download that was supposed to go with this CD was non-existent and there was no information on the site that was valid. i am a healer, tai chi instructor and reiki master and i am tossing this CD in the waste basket.

i would never recommend it.

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