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Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD is certified in family practice, geriatrics, and psychiatry, and has worked for years in rural emergency medicine. He is a core faculty in the clinical psychology program at Union Institute & University. Dr. Mehl-Madrona is author of...

Customer Reviews for Native American Healing Meditations

By Karen D
Date Added: Friday 11 April 2014
The story telling was marvelous. The meditation exercises were fun and insightful.
By heather salmons
Date Added: Saturday 14 January 2012
I bought this cd for my mom as a present and it trully has helped her tremendously thank you loved it .
By Thomas Coates
Date Added: Friday 11 November 2011
Thanks for all you do!
By Raewyn Conning
Date Added: Monday 19 September 2011
This wonderful teacher and healer speaks softly so you can hear him with your heart. I am so very glad that I downloaded this series and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to connect with themselves and spirit.
By Michael W
Date Added: Tuesday 30 August 2011
Having read Dr Mehl-Madrona's Coyote Wisdom books and having recently worked with him at one of his workshops, these meditations are wonderful complements to that work. However, you don't need to have read any of his previous work nor have attended a workshop: these meditations can be appreciated and experienced as they're presented. I highly recommend them.
By Wade Arnold
Date Added: Wednesday 10 August 2011
A fantastic combination of information, examples, and story telling. Meditations methods follow the American Aboriginal lifestyle and Wisdom. I can only say if you don't have it, get it !
By Mary L
Date Added: Saturday 19 April 2014
Fascinating and full of insight as well as useful tools for managing our life stories.
By Anne Pauline Warman
Date Added: Tuesday 10 July 2012
Nice tape - took mi back to the '70's and all the teachings I've been receiving from a number of Native American medicine people, such as Sun Bear, Oshanna Fast Wolf, etc. Somehow I expected a less basic level of teaching, especially since it's also coming from a psychotherapist. He has a nice, melodious voice which, I am sure, plays an important role in his healing sessions.
By Trisha Pope
Date Added: Friday 30 March 2012
I enjoy this teacher so much. His naturalness, his sense of humour. He has a spark. So lovely to find divine connection with such ease and humour and lightness.Thank you for recording him.
By claire weir
Date Added: Sunday 18 September 2011
Very interesting. Need to sit quietly and listen to it all.
By Nancy Scheel
Date Added: Thursday 2 June 2011
Great wisdom with the power of story, told with humor and extraordinary humility.
By Kay Gustin
Date Added: Wednesday 16 November 2011
Love his Coyote Wisdom books. He's a very incredible man, grateful that he is able to touch so many people. That said, I'm not yet sure how I feel about this series. I will have to listen more but like another reviewer I found it disjointed and somewhat difficult to listen to. It felt so jumpy or disjointed. But, I haven't listened to it yet just sitting and listening which of course is how it should be listened to. I give it 3 stars despite Lewis being such a sincere and integral being.
By Katye Farmsworth
Date Added: Monday 31 October 2011
Very disjointed -- too much talking, breaks into the experience. Starts to tell you the meditation is starting, then inserts, first I am going to tell you a story. Sorry I bought it.

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