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Bruce H. Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized cellular biologist who taught cell biology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and later performed pioneering studies at Stanford University's School of Medicine. His breakthrough research on the cell...

Russel Walder

Russel Walder is a Grammy® nominee and multi-platinum selling artist who has performed throughout the world. At age 19 he was signed to the Windham Hill label and went on to record for Narada and Real Music. Currently he is composing soundtracks for films and documentaries....

Customer Reviews for Bruce Lipton's Music for a Shift in Consciousness

By Elizabeth Clare H
Date Added: Wednesday 19 February 2014
Incredibly relaxing and healing. Takes you back to your centre.
By miro k
Date Added: Friday 23 November 2012
Excellent music.
By Lisa B
Date Added: Thursday 22 November 2012
Amazing. I often listen to this as I walk to and ride the subway each morning. It centers me and prepares me for my day.
By Benjamin Bubb
Date Added: Sunday 7 October 2012
Russel's music is amazing, beautiful, emotional and stress-reducing all in one! This album helps to relieve built up tension and allows the creative flow to occur; I highly recommend you buy this music if you need new music for relaxation, meditation and sleep!
By Kelly McNamara
Date Added: Monday 7 May 2012
There comes along only once so often, an artist and their work that truly transcend category and definition. Walder's music is nothing short of Genius. I love this music and I can't wait for the next one from this amazing 'shaman' musician.
By John Coombs
Date Added: Friday 20 April 2012
mesmerising..we play this in our Health Clinic waiting room to help inspire our clients who are often frightened and sad... it's my favourite
By karin bode
Date Added: Friday 2 March 2012
such beautiful, calming music for love making !
By Diane Crowne
Date Added: Wednesday 21 December 2011
I use soothing meditation music in my acupuncture clinic....because when a client is relaxed, the treatment is more effective.
By Ursula Heiseler
Date Added: Wednesday 2 November 2011
HIGHLY recommend it -
music is AWESOME !!!
New favorite !!!
By Martin
Date Added: Friday 16 September 2011
Een fantastische CD. Blij dat wij deze mogen verkopen in onze winkel en via onze website spirituelemuziek.nl in Nederland en Belgie.
By Yana Long
Date Added: Monday 29 August 2011
Brilliant CD! Great for relaxation.
By Scarlett Wallingford
Date Added: Monday 22 August 2011
This album is truly one of the greatest CDs that i have in my collection. it transports me into other worlds and provides a doorway to take me to the depths and heights of my being. The apt title of Music for a Shift in Consciouness goes beyond expectation.
By Catherine Strey
Date Added: Monday 1 August 2011
This music is great for anything going on and at any time. I'm really glad I purchased it as I listen a lot. Thanks!
By Cellina Bisgaard
Date Added: Thursday 19 January 2012
it is wonderfull
By Spencer Lane
Date Added: Friday 16 September 2011
Fantastic sound reproduction from the .FLAC file type. I have a pair of headphones made for use while sleeping and I enjoy listening while drifting of into slumber.
Date Added: Sunday 8 July 2012
OK and interesting though I have not experienced the shift in consciousness, but perhaps with repeated use.
By Sabrina Mutterer
Date Added: Sunday 11 March 2012
Nothing original, but OK for easy listening.
By richard p
Date Added: Wednesday 20 March 2013
I was unable to ever find the download in my computer.Thanks anyway

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