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Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating...

A.H. Almaas

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali who has written more than 14 books including his most recent The Unfolding Now. In 1976, he founded the Ridhwan School, an organization with members in North America, Europe, and Australia that is dedicated to promoting the...

Customer Reviews for Realization Unfolds

By Alain
Date Added: Tuesday 12 August 2014
Adya and Almaas were simply fantastic! Did learn a lot.
By bernard guy
Date Added: Friday 1 February 2013
Brilliant. Insightful. And loved their humanness, humility and humor. More !
By David Hogg
Date Added: Friday 19 October 2012
This is less a review than it is a huge Thank You. While I am certainly grateful for both Adyashanti and Hameed Ali and their teachings, this is a particular thanks to Tami Simon and Sounds True for introducing me to these teachers and in particular bringing them together in this video course.

I have found it invaluable in stoking my "inner flame", as Hameed calls it, and am truly grateful.
By Nirved W
Date Added: Monday 1 October 2012
Very helpful. Two real spiritual teachers demonstrating also their ordinariness. The format- podium, seating arrangement, etc.-felt a little stilted. But it still worked.
By Vivienne S
Date Added: Tuesday 4 September 2012
A wonderful teaching from two present day masters.
By Gail Green
Date Added: Tuesday 9 August 2011
The experience of the two of them together is a gem, a finely sculptured diamond, that has enlightened and enlivened my sense of life and living.
By Linda Tennant
Date Added: Saturday 30 April 2011
Loved the series --how could i not qith these two winderful spiritual lights?--but was disappointed that I could not download the last video. Well, could download it but it's not playable. Have tried many times using same method that worked on all the other videos.
By Anupam Barlow
Date Added: Wednesday 13 April 2011
I loved the live series of this event - the three evenings that took place in 2011. The questions were excellent and I liked the format also. I hope you will do more of these with Adya and Hameed and also other contemporary teachers such as Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster, Scott Kiloby and Bentinho Massaro.
By Elaine Catton
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
This was a wonderful gift from you to us Tami - creating the space for Adya and Almaas to come together to deeply explore such excellent penetrating questions. I loved the dialogue you facilitated between them and found it so illuminating. The videos were easy to download and played well although could have been a little sharper in definition. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I am deeply grateful.
By Mary Reinemann
Date Added: Sunday 20 March 2011
I have been absolutely delighted with this program and hope for a sequel (or several.) I enjoyed Tammi's questions as well - particularly the question: "Do you have questions you'd like to ask of one another?" Adya has been a favorite teacher of mine for a long time, and Hameed I have only recently discovered - so to find, in this moment, two favorite teachers together - it was an extraordinary gift. I am deeply grateful - Mary Kay Reinemann
By Carlos Gil
Date Added: Thursday 4 November 2010
The video/sound streaming quality was excellent even a full screen. And the interview brilliant and the interviewer was great and she let them talk and being in the background and with good questions ! Very smooth interview. I felt very touch by the whole event ! Congratulations !
Date Added: Saturday 30 October 2010
I heard it was fabulous.
By Spencer St Clair
Date Added: Wednesday 27 October 2010
I attended the event and was/am deeply moved by Adya &Hameed. The beauty of their words and more so of their beings shone brightly. There was a poetic grace to the whole event. These words are totally inadequate! My love affair with truth has accelerated.
Thank you Tami for this beautiful sharing of being.
By Nancy Coats
Date Added: Monday 25 October 2010
Excellent presentation. I got many insights and appreciated the opportunity to see awakened beings interacting with each other and the audience. The content was invaluable. I highly recommend this.
By Alan Mayhew
Date Added: Saturday 23 April 2011
This was a very innovative idea (would like to see Eckhart involved in a future one) and I enjoyed all sections.
My only issue is a technical one. I was unable to download one segment, and have not had a reply for some time from technical help.
By Felix Kamchung
Date Added: Monday 4 April 2011
presentation was lovely!
thank you
By Ellyn Beale
Date Added: Friday 1 April 2011
I enjoyed the recorded sessions and the interaction between the two teachers. It seemed to me that the topics were discussed deeply enough to be useful and interesting. I did not really like the two single live sessions. The quality of the broadcast was not very good. I would also like to see a written transcript of the live sessions made available for download. All in all, this was a positive experience.
By James McCall
Date Added: Tuesday 10 May 2011
I thought this series included the first 3 hr segment but it does not
I found this very preliminary and am enjoying your interview with Hameed about the DA MUCH MORE

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