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Customer Reviews for Kirtan Nation

By Susan J
Date Added: Thursday 23 January 2014
Music that fills the soul and leaves you uplifted and inspired. I have used this in my yoga class - carries everyone to a higher place.
By Jean M
Date Added: Friday 2 August 2013
Play this and sing along as I drive to kirtan. Can't stop hearing those wonderful children on Ganesha Sharanam.
By James Prinzo
Date Added: Tuesday 3 April 2012
must listen
By Marlene Stevens
Date Added: Tuesday 28 February 2012
extrememly beautiful !!!
By Jake B.
Date Added: Tuesday 14 February 2012
Way better than I expected. This CD is excellent!
By Karen P
Date Added: Thursday 2 February 2012
This is a great CD. Love the selection of artists and the diversity of the song styles. I recommend this for anyone into yoga or devotional music.
By Bliss Man
Date Added: Tuesday 31 January 2012
Love this compilation! So many great artists. Though I have enjoyed the music from KD, Snatam and Deva Premal for years it was a real treat to hear the music of newer artists in the devotional genre. The tracks by Sean Johnson and Steve Gold really touched my heart with their fresh sound. I'll definitely be checking out more music from these artists! Thanks!
By jesse lee chase
Date Added: Monday 2 January 2012
ommm..i gifted to my wife Gina for christmas and we both are in divine bliss...ommm shanti ommmm
By Anna Ball
Date Added: Tuesday 6 December 2011
Buy it for the first track alone!
The cd is energetic and fun.
By patsy chador
Date Added: Friday 28 October 2011
fun lots of good sounds
By Stephen Callahan
Date Added: Tuesday 26 July 2011
This is a must have CD for anyone who would enjoy kirtan. The first is a studio CD and the second is Live... So nice to have the words provided so those who want to chant along can do so with accuracy. They also provide the translations which are very nice as well. Blessings, Enjoy !!!
By Linda Lipinski
Date Added: Thursday 10 November 2011
wonderful. learned about new musicians.
By martin muntz
Date Added: Sunday 18 September 2011
I enjoyed the music very much.I have very little experience with this type of music but have heard some of Krisna Dass concert recordings
By notme
Date Added: Tuesday 6 December 2011
Kirtan stars? An oxymoron. Empowering everyone to be a to be star is what real kirtan is. Commercialization of kirtan and yoga is perpetuating hierarchy of spiritual egotism.

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