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Bruce Tift, MA, LMFT has been in private practice since 1979, has taught at Naropa University for 25 years, and has given presentations in the US, Mexico, and Japan. A practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism for more than 35 years, he had the good fortune to be a student of Chogyam...

Customer Reviews for Already Free

By Kate C
Date Added: Wednesday 3 September 2014
I first encountered Bruce's work on the "Deepening Intimacy" series, and was very impressed by his unique approach to relationships. I'm totally in love with his mastery shared in "Already Free." I've listened to it several times and will continue to keep it on hand for more dives into his remarkably cogent presentation. Thank you, Sounds True, for sharing the work of such supportive expertise with us. And, thank you, Bruce. It has been of great benefit to my life.
By William B
Date Added: Wednesday 3 September 2014
By Laura A P
Date Added: Monday 28 July 2014
This is by far the most helpful program I have listened to. I am a psychiatrist practicing in Arizona, in an area where there is virtually no therapist taking this approach. There is a great need for this.
By John A
Date Added: Monday 14 July 2014
Bruce Tift is a gift to us all. Genius!
By Marjolein D
Date Added: Thursday 19 June 2014
Heard Bruce on deepening intimacy series,this program was very deep and confronting ,
Thanks for publishing,it changed my perspective on the subject completely.
By Debra M
Date Added: Wednesday 23 April 2014
I've listened to the whole series and have found it extremely interesting and valuable. Comparing psychotherapy and Buddhist views, pointing out both are valid and can be helpful in a cooperative way, is a unique approach that I have not seen before. I intend to buy any books by Bruce Tift on this same subject, to be able to study it more in depth.
By Diane S
Date Added: Tuesday 22 April 2014
What prompted me to buy this CD/download was the short video on the website of the Awake Retreat with Tami Simon and friends coming up this August.I never heard of him before but totally appreciated his talk on relationships which is also on the CD. All 6-talks on the CD are excellent and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to buy downloads so easily.
By Chris T
Date Added: Tuesday 1 April 2014
Bruce is the best I've come across at bridging the gap between western therapy and non-dual practice. Particularly important to my own practice was understanding how shame and fear blockages get formed at childhood as an obvious self protective measures. Children must behave in ways to gain approval of adults because children can't feed and house themselves. Shame happens when we must deny parts of ourselves to simply survive as children but when we're adults we can reintegrate with the parts we left behind. Powerful, powerful teaching contained here.
By Connie F
Date Added: Wednesday 22 January 2014
Bruce Tift delivers concise distinctions between psychological and meditative orientations. Superb!
By Linde H
Date Added: Wednesday 10 July 2013
I can't stop listening to Bruce's CD Already Free. Please, please talk him into another series. I will pre-buy ANYTHING by him. He has given me a framework to understand all of the teachings I have ever been exposed to and a sense of how the dilemma of accepting how I am and also being with those longings to improve in so many ways is not solvable but very livable.
By Gail Baker
Date Added: Monday 8 July 2013
This is the marriage of psychology and Buddhism I've been looking for. Thank you, Bruce. Would love to have a book to read and mark in. I'm grateful for the experience and knowledge shared so openly.
By zoe nobari
Date Added: Saturday 1 June 2013
the audios match the depth promised in tami simon's interview with bruce tift in the self acceptance series. his authenticity and vulnerability that are communicated all so naturally, make his talks ever more penetrating... listening to him is more like communion. his presentation is clear, logical, and soulful. i'm thrilled to have discovered him!
By Allison F
Date Added: Friday 11 January 2013
A really good and life affirming talk with much truth and nurturing energy.
By Julie S
Date Added: Monday 10 December 2012
Really deep and really helpful in your personal growth path. Highly recommend!
By Noni L
Date Added: Saturday 8 September 2012
I am so glad I ordered this set. I recommend it often. Thanks.
By Julisa Adams
Date Added: Thursday 21 June 2012
Bruce is clear, logical and inspiring. This is a useful perspective for any therapist who is open to thinking outside the box.
By Cindy M
Date Added: Thursday 12 April 2012
Bruce Tift skillfully demonstrates how we can face the things we perceive as problems and overcome our tendancy to hang on to feelings and sensations that cause us suffering. He gives us the tools to set ourselves free.
By F Charles Williams
Date Added: Tuesday 13 March 2012
I found lots worth thinking about in here. Tift did a nice job of showing the power of moving back and forth between the everyday psychological insights and deeper insights about the nature of reality, mind and ego.
By Carol Sweetwood
Date Added: Thursday 2 February 2012
I love this recording. My husband and I listen together and have a nice discussion after each segment. Very informative and helpful for dealing with a variety of life issues.
By Kali Cathie
Date Added: Thursday 2 February 2012
As a hypnotherapist who has been working in a very psychspiritual way of late, this was a great way to stitch a few things together. I love how he keeps switching between Buddhist and developmental perspectives, and anchoring it all together in the realm of relationship is only beneficial for everyone.
Date Added: Saturday 28 January 2012
I bought this download after listening to the podcast interview with Tara SImon, and I'm happy I did. There is a lot of material here, equally insightful and compassionate. It is refreshing to hear a synthesis of Buddhism and Psychoanalytics put to practical terms. I hope we hear more from Bruce Tift in the future and I'd especially like to see something in print!
By Michael McCormick
Date Added: Friday 2 December 2011
There is life-changing wisdom in these talks. Bruce's theory of neurotic organization and its expression in self and relationship, and his recommended practices of self-responsibility and embodied experiencing are incredibly fruitful views and approaches. Life can be very uncomfortable, and Bruce helps one see why this discomfort does not have to be such a big deal.
By Mary A. McIntyre
Date Added: Sunday 13 November 2011
And heartfelt thanks to Bruce Tift and his lineage for sharing this. :-)
By Mary A. McIntyre
Date Added: Sunday 13 November 2011
This was a most useful program, I am listening for the third time now. Lots to put into personal and professional practice.
By wendy mcgee
Date Added: Friday 7 October 2011
I listened to the podcast interview and had to have more. The program was fantastic. It is one that I will go to over and over when my perspective needs an adjustment.
By Anna S
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
This is such an interesting and profound teaching. There's so much in it every time I hear it. it makes me think about many things in a new way. The whole chapter on anxiety is so helpful and interesting. so is what he says about relationships. I hope to hear more from Bruce Tift!
By Tom Grenier
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
This is a superb offering. I’ve only listened to less than half of it – after 10 to 15 minutes of it I need to meditate on what was said. This is one of the most insightful teachings I have heard. Hats off to Mr. Tift and Sounds True – I’m less than half through and already know I WANT MORE!
By Sean
Date Added: Monday 26 September 2011
I am not sure what to call this. A lecture, distilled clarity, wisdom in a box...

I have been recommending this to everyone I know who is committed to their path of personal growth.

If you are seeking understanding of yourself and the path to living more fully take a look, you won't regret it.

Date Added: Sunday 25 September 2011
I've been using Sounds True for a decade and I've probably listened to almost all of the Sounds True interviews.

This is the best I've encountered.
By Paula Kline
Date Added: Saturday 24 September 2011
This series with Bruce Tift on Psychotherapy, using Buddhist principles is amazing. It is like two halves of a whole...the blending with one, balancing and explaining the other. A mirror looking into the mirror, sort of thing...only it has such practical value, such useful insights.

Being from the Western, scientific upbringing, and having an undergraduate degree in psychology, I could readily identify with the psychotheraputic model, which is good, but it is lacking.

I very much appreciated this approach and Tift's clarity with very complicated concepts and his ease of manner.

I highly recommend this series.
By Gail Wainwright
Date Added: Thursday 22 September 2011
This set of CDs is perhaps the most valuable distillation of wisdom I have ever encountered. Bruce Tift simply and profoundly presents immediately applicable practices to the thorniest of issues, relationships.
By Lamees Mansur
Date Added: Sunday 28 August 2011
I have not bought the product yet only for budgetary reasons at this time. BUT I heard the interview with Tami Simon and also heart the excerpt here and already am hooked unto the material.
It feels new; it feels liberating and empowering - even though possibly not easy because it seems to be about taking full responsibility for our lives.
I just ordered abunch of stuff from Soundstrue before I heard the interview so i have to wai a bit before venture. But already, I want to recommend the material. It seems helpful, original and new.
Thank you to Bruce Tift.
By Tom F
Date Added: Wednesday 8 January 2014
A unique and valuable presentation by Bruce Tift. Fills in the gaps often ignored by traditional psychology,
By Eric Dumas
Date Added: Sunday 5 February 2012
Great program from Bruce. Very down to heart. Includes shadow work as well. Very organic blends of both approaches, not a forced or theoretical blend. All about being who you are right here right now, not a dis incarnated spiritual superhero born to save the world. Great stuff. Highly recommended.
By Nicole
Date Added: Thursday 19 January 2012
I was happy to have spent the time listening to this audio, which is saying a lot, as it's over 7 hours.

Bruce is highly intelligent, interesting to listen to, and thought provoking, even though I did not agree with all his opinions.

By Bill T
Date Added: Thursday 19 September 2013
This is an enjoyable audiobook from a counselor and Buddhist. It contains the ramblings of a counselor interspersed with truths from a Buddhist. The truths, in my opinion, come in a watered down version. Or perhaps they are just second level truths. I'm happy with my purchase; I'm just not astounded with clarity and truth like I am by Eckhart Tolle or Ken Wilber.

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