Customer Reviews for emWave2 Charcoal Grey

By a customer
Date Added: Sunday 5 October 2014
I have been pleased with this product. I found the recommended heart breathing technique too stimulating, but with belly breathing it is a good way to wind down before bed. I am giving it four stars because the ear sensor seems to be defective and can't reliably detect my pulse. However, the thumb sensor on the hand-held unit works fine. Overall, it was a good purchase and worth the money.
By Liisa Lugus
Date Added: Wednesday 20 July 2011
it's interesting to see how and when heart coherence changes. the computer program that charts progress is simpler than i expected, with no space to add comments; it also doesn't record time of day, which would be useful.

the lights display that you're supposed to synchronize your breath to broke on the second day.

there is no in-depth instruction book, but a video tutorial, which i missed somehow and can't retrieve.


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