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Coleman Barks

Coleman Barks is a leading scholar and translator of the 13th-century Persian mystic Jelaluddin Rumi. In addition to publishing two books of his own poetry (The Juice and Gourd Seed), Barks has published 12 volumes of translations from Rumi and others, and...

David Darling

"Maverick cellist” is the phrase most often assigned to Grammy-nominated artist David Darling, but it hardly captures the richness, diversity, breadth, and sense of humor of a man who literally redefines the way the cello is played and the way music is taught. His prolific...

Customer Reviews for Just Being Here

By Tara B
Date Added: Monday 14 July 2014
Oh so soulful and alive and real. I love it. Thank you Sounds True for going in this direction.
By Peggy B
Date Added: Saturday 14 June 2014
The package arrived quickly and the CDs are really
amazing! I so appreciate being able to listen to the poetry at my own pace i.e. one at a time. It soaks in like a wonderful bubble-bath.
By Bonita M
Date Added: Monday 7 April 2014
I love it.
By Patti Cruickshank-Schott
Date Added: Sunday 29 December 2013
I am so very grateful to still be able to hear Coleman Barks' wonderful voice and words…

I heard him first over 10 years ago performing at UNC Chapel Hill and I was immediately transfixed… and have enjoyed every performance I have been lucky enough to attend. His meditations on Rumi have sustained me lifted me up innumerable times...
By Kendal Kendrick
Date Added: Tuesday 25 September 2012
Love it!! I really hope they collaborate for another recording just like this one!
By catnorth
Date Added: Sunday 17 June 2012
I loved Coleman's poem about a moment with his grand daughter, his lyrical voice is soothing.
By Haleh ,crazy fan of Molana
Date Added: Saturday 16 June 2012
I listened this ,so nice and encouraging but guys this is just very little parts of unlimited beauty and greatness of Molana which you call Rumi ,the original Persian poets are incredible and unexplainable,in every part of it,whether he loved Shams or God.
his love to Shams,Shams said about Molana that he is the only one who can believe and understand his thoughts ,I think this is more than friendship that we use, this love between them is very holy and unique ,if you read the biology of them and read Divan E Sham of Molana in Persian ,you will understand what I am saying
By Susie
Date Added: Saturday 4 February 2012
So beautiful I wept
By Marilyn Readhead
Date Added: Wednesday 1 February 2012
Love the work of Coleman Barks, his respect and sacred translations of Rumi's gifts to the world. Rumi's gifts to the world are timeless. The whole CD set is very tastefully presented and well balance with the superb support of David Darling.
Rumi and Human Friendship says it all, this product confirms "Just Being Here."
By roseanna aspinwall
Date Added: Thursday 29 December 2011
A treat. Worth listening to over and over again. A treasure.
By Helen Vandeman
Date Added: Saturday 3 December 2011
Listening to Coleman Barks read Rumi or his own poetry is a mystical experience in itself, appreciated partly because he almost lost his ability to speak anymore.
By Mattie Decker
Date Added: Saturday 26 November 2011
Bless you for this.
Precious words, but the sound of Coleman's voice sings through the soul and we are blessed by your offering here.
By patsy chador
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
amazing love this
By Susan Thompson
Date Added: Saturday 28 January 2012
Beautifully done; two men channeling cosmic energy and love.
By Catharine Mains
Date Added: Thursday 9 February 2012
While I love the concept and appreciate the gifts from both beings, I would prefer longer musical interludes between the poems, so that their depth might resonate more profoundly.
By Sabrina Mutterer
Date Added: Sunday 11 March 2012
Poor sound quality and David Darling is reading in a monotonous, uninspired voice, which doesn't do Rumi any justice.

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