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Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive healer, and visionary. She is president of Life Systems Services, a corporation that offers intuitive-based healing, destiny coaching, and corporate consulting. Cyndi has been trained in multiple healing...

Customer Reviews for Energetic Boundaries

By Wanda P
Date Added: Wednesday 26 June 2013
Cyndi seems very knowledgable about energy boundaries, there is so much to learn about this, it has lead to setting some boundaries that have been repeatedly ignored , and although it was scary to do the work, I know that there are many gifts that will come from this.
By Tracey Gamboni
Date Added: Monday 9 April 2012
This book is the answer to my problem of how to feel good and healthy while working as healer. And I am finding the energectics of people and life are changing and/clearing. This book provide way of helping us to adjust to these changes.
By christine Cere
Date Added: Tuesday 3 January 2012
For the first time I finally found an answer, with 12 years of searching an understanding concerning a specific topic in my life. I feel clarity, knowledge and so much love through this book.
By Nimia
Date Added: Tuesday 1 November 2011
I just finished listening 2 d free live lecture online. Some say is d most hurt or ill will benefit d most and fastest at their 1rst yoga class, healing session, massage. I have been at many, many places, voluntarily and not. Always carrying the same burden and the same ? ...how do I get rid of the pain, it was not my choice, how do I make peace between this body and the spirit? I am deeply grateful to you at this very moment because for the first time since I remember the pain, since my toddler years, I have seen a stream of light. I will continue to reflect on the notes I took until I feel my heart and body held in grace. Thank you.
By Julie Fill
Date Added: Tuesday 1 November 2011
Simply profound ... amazing
By Deanne Quarrie
Date Added: Monday 12 September 2011
I am a relatively new fan of the work of Cyndi Dale. I was at a friend’s home having dinner and I glanced over at her side table and saw her book, Subtle Body, resting there. I asked my friend about it and she told me it was a must for anyone interested in energy healing systems. I took her advice and quickly acquired a copy and have been a fan ever since. Since then I have acquired several of Cyndi’s books and two audio recordings and was so excited to find out about Energetic Boundaries, How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy to read.
I know of no individual who could not benefit in some way from the information in this book. Whether our boundaries are too tight, too relaxed or non-existent, how we deal with incoming energy determines how we deal with every aspect of life.
Our physical bodies are protected by a layer of skin. Our spiritual and emotional bodies use “energetic boundaries" to keep harmful energies from invading our space. These boundaries do more than that, however. They serve as communicators and determine how we experience life itself.
Because of traumatic life events, quite often these boundaries have either been removed or are set improperly which in turn affects the quality of the life we experience. We can be far too shielded, inflexible, or not protected at all. The most obvious and the one we all probably have met is the person who cannot say “no.” This person “takes on and takes on” and then, ends up unable to complete anything or lets others down because she/he simply cannot get to what was promised. They end up covered up, feeling exhausted, defeated and unworthy with far too many commitments and no time for “self.”
I was particularly interested in reading Energetic Boundaries because I am a “sensitive” also called an “empath” and am always looking for healthy ways to take in the energy that bombards me each day. Cyndi teaches that our energetic boundaries need to be both strong and flexible. Energetic Boundaries is a great read, clearly written, and filled with insights, practical guidance, and easy-to-learn techniques, Energetic Boundaries is a “must have” tool for staying protected and connected in every aspect of life.

By Michael A
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
Excellent program. With much depth and content.

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